Cross credits

If you have already completed some tertiary study, you may be able to use those credits towards your study at Unitec.

If a course that you have completed is very similar, and at the same or higher level, to a course at Unitec, we recommend that you apply for cross credits.

If your cross credits application is successful, it can reduce the number of courses you need to study for your Unitec programme.

When to apply

To apply for cross credits, you need to have applied to study at Unitec.

Please get your application in as early as possible, as applications for cross credits should be processed before you start your programme, so you can start in the right courses.

If you have already started your study, you can still apply.

Cross credit criteria

For your previous completed course to be considered for cross credits, it must fit these criteria:

  • Course grade must be C- or above.
  • Study was done within the last 5 years.
  • The course needs to be very similar to a course at Unitec.
  • The course needs to be at the same or higher level to a course at Unitec. 

How to apply

We are here to help at every step. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us.

Step one: Apply to study at Unitec

You need to apply for a programme at Unitec before applying for cross credits.

If you have already started your study, you can still apply.

Step two: Prepare academic records

Who does not need to provide academic records:

If you are applying for cross credits from previous study done at Unitec, you do not need to do this step.

Who does need to provide academic records:

If you are applying for cross credits from study at another tertiary institute, you will need to provide information about your previous study. 
You will need to provide these supporting documents:

  • Certified copy of academic record stating grades achieved and/or NZQA record of learning (do not send original documents).
  • Prescription/course outline/full course descriptor for each course you want to transfer credit from.

And where applicable:

  • Certified and translated to English, a true copy of degree/diploma certificate for completed qualifications.
  • Details of any additional relevant courses completed. 

Step three: Apply for cross credit

Fill in the cross credit application form (PDF 69KB) .

Submit your cross credit form and supporting documents via your Enrolment Dashboard or on campus at Student Central.

Step four: Pay cross credit fee

Who does not need to pay the fee:

  • There is no charge if you are applying for cross credits from study completed at Unitec.
  • There is no charge for international students, as the cost is included in course fees.  

Who does need to pay the fee:

  • If you are a domestic student, applying for cross credits from another tertiary institute, you need to pay the cross credit fee.

Cross credit fee:

  • The fee needs to be paid when you submit your application.
  • The fee is NZ$105 (incl GST) per application.
  • The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Find out how to pay the fee.

Cross credit outcome

Academic staff will check your application and compare the content and level of both courses to determine whether cross credit recognition can be granted.

All cross credits granted are provisional until approved by the Programme Academic Quality Committee.

You will be advised of the Programme Academic Quality Committee's decision in writing.

Cross credits are only applicable to the programme that they are approved for. They cannot be used for another programme.  

International students

For more information, contact our International Team at  

Need help? Contact us

The team at Student Central can help you with your cross credit application, including certifying documents.