What our staff say

Annette Pitovao - Student Central Manager

“I was looking for a tertiary organisation where people mattered. …Unitec suited my values and ethics, and that’s around putting people first. Unitec has enabled me to better understand and enable others in terms of personal growth.”


Bill Boon - Health & Safety Advisor

“I’m quite a person that enjoys the company of people and what a fantastic place to work on that front! Because you’re mixing and working with so many different people, my understanding of different cultures has grown out of this world. … I discovered, oh wow! This is me to a T!”


Hossein Sarrafzadeh - Head of Department Computing & IT

"I was offered jobs in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and guess what the kids and my wife wouldn't go anywhere but here because it was a safe place, a place for the kids to grow up.....what attracted me to Unitec was the statement that we are all about real-life learning. And that has been my aim, to teach people in that fashion. I see a vibrant institution that is changing, but changing to be better, day by day so I am becoming happier and happier working at Unitec. I'm glad I made the move."


Chance Taylor - Maori Lecturer

"I've always wanted to find somewhere where I could work where I could keep on excelling in my own professional area. When I came in for my interview that was one of the main requirements that they wanted... I really want to aim high and I believe this is a wonderful place that can provide those opportunities."


Jonathan Leaver - Associate Professor, Civil Engineering

"Unitec I think has one of the most beautiful campuses that I've seen not just nationally but internationally as well. I think it's a real asset at Unitec. We do have a natural focus on the environment throughout a lot of programmes at Unitec and especially on sustainability and you only have to look out the window to see examples of what it means to look at an environment that you want to keep and keep sustainable.. so it's inspiring and it's a great place to work."


Julie Gill - Curriculum Leader

"Unitec's hours are flexible so you can start early and finish early if you have to pick up kids or you can start later and finish later so the whole environment really works well for families. Unitec's a fantastic place to work, it looks after its staff, it has great facilities a great team atmosphere..."