Disability Liaison Centre

The Disability Liaison Centre provides flexible learning support for all students to enable them to reach their academic potential.

Our dedicated team provide a range of resources and strategies to help students who have both registered with the Centre and who have provided verification of impairment. The specialist equipment and support that we offer include:

  • Note-takers
  • Reader/ writer exam support
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Digital recorders

We also provide information on accessible parking on campus and have a drop-in service for study spaces and computers.

For more information please contact the Centre on (09) 8154321 ext 7871 or email gvanveen@unitec.ac.nz

Unitec Disability Manual

The Disability Liaison Centre publishes a Disability Manual, with helpful information about a wide range of disabilities and where to seek advice.

Download the Disability Manual (PDF)

Transport and Parking

Most of our Unitec facilities are wheelchair accessible by ramp or lift, and have an accessible toilet relatively close by. If you do find yourself enrolled in a class that does not have good access, we will try our best to make the necessary modifications.

To help you get across the Mt Albert campus, a Unitec shuttle bus (registration XY6637) has been fitted with a hoist to transport staff or students in wheelchairs.

Designated accessible parking spaces are available around the Mt Albert campus. If you are using one of these parking spaces, please remember to display your Mobility Parking Permit at all times to avoid being towed. Mobility Parking Permits are available from New Zealand CCS Disability Action Auckland, phone +64 9 625 9378.

At the Waitākere campus, there are two 180 minute mobility parking spaces in Waitākere Lane off Ratanui Street (outside Course Information, Building 510). In the Unitec carpark, there are two mobility spaces on each level for Unitec staff and students (entrance via Trading Place). The Auckland Transport website has detailed information on parking including maps indicating Mobility parking around wider Auckland.

Study rooms

At the Mt Albert campus, one study room and two computer labs are available for use by students with disabilities during the semester. These study rooms are located at the Disability Liaison Centre.