Parking sticker for Mt Albert campus

All staff and students are required to display a Unitec parking sticker in their vehicle when parking at the Mt Albert campus. 

There is no fee for the sticker, but you may need to pay for parking on campus, depending on where you park.

Cars without Unitec parking stickers may be clamped or towed.

How to get a Unitec parking sticker

  • Students: Go in person to Student Central (Te Pae Kōrero) in Building 180 (Te Puna) to get a sticker. You will need to be an enrolled student, and provide your vehicle licence plate number.
  • Staff: Contact the Security Team for a staff sticker.
  • Visitors: Parking stickers are not issued to visitors, please park in visitor parking.

Parking options at Mt Albert

Open Google map of parking locations at Unitec Mt Albert campus.

Please respect the 30 k/ph speed limit, emergency exit ways, visitor parking, no parking signs, other road users and pedestrians.

Free and paid parking Mt Albert

There are some free car parks on campus.

Our paid parking charges apply Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm only. Outside of these days and times, our parking is free.

Parking charges are between $1.50 and $3 for the day. Pay using the Inugo app, find out more and download the Inugo app, visit the Inugo website.

Disability parking Mt Albert

We have some disability parking at our campus.  The disability car parks are marked on our campus maps

Visitor parking Mt Albert

We have some visitor parking on campus. You can find these marked out on our campus maps.

Carpool parking Mt Albert

We have some car parks reserved for staff or students carpooling together. You will need to display a carpooling sticker in your car.

To get your carpooling sticker, email the Sustainability Team at at and provide your name and your Student or Staff ID number and the name and ID number for everyone you are carpooling with.

Staff parking Mt Albert

We have some car parks for staff only. These parking spaces are clearly marked, so there’s no mistaking them for student parking. Staff must make sure that they display a Unitec staff parking sticker in their vehicle windscreens. For more information, see the staff intranet.

Please note: We have got a strict no parking policy in staff parking spaces, so vehicles parked in staff parks not displaying a staff parking sticker may be clamped or towed.

Bicycle parking Mt Albert

We have a few bike racks across campus where you can park your bicycle for the time that you’re on campus. If you need to pump your bicycle’s tyres or are looking for the tools to do quick repairs, the bike rack outside building 111 has these available for you.

If you need information about local bike paths, visit the Auckland Transport (AT) website.  Also, see our interactive Wairaka Cycle Map for the central and western routes.

Clamped or towed on Mt Albert campus

While we may have free and low-cost parking at our Mt Albert campus, we do enforce a strict parking policy allowing for wheel clamping or towing of vehicles that are infringing any parking provisions. See our Traffic, Safety and Parking Policy below for more information.

If your vehicle has been clamped or you think it has been towed, call our Security Centre on 0800 10 95 90.

Fees apply for vehicles that have been clamped or towed: Clamped $30 fee, towed $50 fee. Clamping and towing fees can be paid at Student Central (Te Pae Kōrero).


Parking at Waitākere campus

Please respect the speed limit, look out for pedestrians, and adhere to the parking signs set out by the Auckland Transport.

Free parking Waitākere 

Unitec does not provide any free parking at Waitākere campus. 

There are some free car parks in Henderson. Many are for short-term parking and are patrolled regularly by Auckland Transport (AT) parking wardens.

Henderson Library/Unitec car park building

There is a car park building next to the Library (Building 530, 14 Trading Place). Students can receive a discount to pay $3 per day when you show your Student ID. It is $3 per entry. Students do not need a parking sticker for their car as they can park anywhere except the Unitec marked spaces. Please ask at the park attendant’s office on level 1 for more information - note that the booth will have an attendant until 8:30pm, so you will not be able to get a discount if you leave the carpark after 8:30pm. For operating hours and carpark features, visit the Auckland Transport (AT) website.

Other public car parks in Henderson

There are carparks a short walking distance from the Waitākere campus. Please read and adhere to all parking signs.

Alderman Drive car park, 10 Edmonton Road, Henderson
Alderman Drive car park has two parking options. One side of the carpark is free short-term parking and the other side payment is required using pay-by-plate. Parking areas are clearly sign-posted to show if they are pay-by-plate or free.

Falls Park car park, 14 Edmonton Road, Henderson
This carpark requires payment using pay-by-plate.

Staff parking Waitākere 

There is a small number of parking spaces allocated to Unitec staff in the Trading Place car park (Building 530, Henderson Library), which include parking charges. As a Unitec staff member, there’s a discounted rate, and staff IDs will need to be shown. Please ask at the park attendant’s office for more information. There are also a small number of parking spaces located under building 510 allocated to staff. 

Clamped or towed in Henderson

Unitec does not clamp or tow around the Waitākere campus. Unitec has no control over the operation and towage of vehicles from public or private car parking spaces or facilities in Henderson. Please observe all parking restrictions on and off-street. 


Traffic, Safety and Parking Policy

If you drive to Unitec, the Traffic, Safety and Parking Policy sets out the rules for using your vehicle on campus. It also outlines your rights and obligations when parking at Unitec, and how to retrieve your vehicle if it ever gets towed.

Traffic, Safety and Parking Policy (PDF, 199KB) »