Free and pay and display parking

Approximately 60% of Unitec carparks are free, and the remaining car parks are pay and display where you can park for the whole day for just $3.00 or $4.00. Parking charges apply Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm.

Check the campus map for specific parking areas.

Pay and display parking permits

If you regularly use the pay and display parking areas, you can apply for a pay and display parking permit. Application forms for pay and display parking permits are available from the Safety and Security Centre, Building 16 (Entry 2), Mt Albert campus.

Parking policy

While we may have plenty of free and low cost parking at the Mt Albert campus, we do enforce a strict parking policy allowing for wheel clamping or towing of any vehicle that is infringing our parking provisions.

Please ensure that you park your vehicle appropriately, taking note of nearby signage and clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket if required.

Clamped vehicles

If your vehicle has been clamped, please contact Security on (09) 815 4321 ext 7777, or from a campus phone on ext 7777.

Clamped vehicles will be released upon paying a $30 release charge at the Security Centre.

Towed vehicles

If you think your vehicle has been towed away, please contact Security on (09) 815 4321 ext 7777 or from a campus phone on ext 7777.

Cars are towed as a last resort and any inconvenience is regretted, however it is important for all students and staff that cars are parked in a legal and appropriate manner.

Towed vehicles are taken to a vehicle holding-pound behind the Security Centre at the Mt Albert campus. Ace Towing are contracted to carry out this task. Vehicles can be recovered after paying a fee of $80 at the Security Centre.

Using the roads on campus

Please respect the 30 k/ph speed limit, as well as emergency exit ways, visitor parking and no parking signs. Our internal campus roads often carry large vehicles and the campus shuttle, so it is important that this traffic has access in narrow areas.