Creative Enterprise

We encourage our students to explore new territory, experiment and challenge conventional thinking, helping them become creative individuals who aren't afraid to push boundaries. Many of our staff have won major art awards, continue to exhibit nationally and internationally, and publish best-selling books or magazines. You'll have access to digital labs, printmaking studios, darkrooms, photographic studios; metal, wood, glass and ceramics workshops and, in some cases, your very own studio.

Drawing and Modelling for 3D Design (DACA5161) Feb15No
Drawing Methods for Applied Art (DACA5921) Feb15No
Graphics Design Practice (DACA5231) Feb15No
Applied Art Practice (DACA6922) Feb15No
Manufacturing Technology (DACA6122) Feb15No
Motion Graphic Design (DACA6321) Feb15No
Time Based Narrative Visual Study (DACA6321) Feb15No
User Centred Design (DACA6123) Feb15No
Contemporary Craft Practice (DACA7941) Feb15No
Design for Publication (DACA7231) Feb15No
Ergonomic Interaction (DACA7123) Feb15No
Exhibition Proposal (DACA7921) Feb15No
Interactive Design for Web and Game (DACA7322) Feb15No
Interpretation Design (DACA7223) Feb15No
Photographic Practice (DACA7961) Feb15No
Processes Technology (DACA7122) Feb15No
Photographic Technologies (DACA5961) Feb/Jul15No
Toi Maori-Tahi (MAOR5030) Feb/Jul15No
Digital Modelling for Prototyping and Production (DACA6121) Feb/Jul15No
Emerging Materials (DACA6941) Feb/Jul15No
Illustration Practice (DACA6211) Feb/Jul15No
Pacific Art and Design (DACA6112) Feb/Jul15No
Practice in Context 4 (DACA6034) Feb/Jul15Yes
Printmaking (DACA6641) Feb/Jul15No
Professional Practice 1 (DACA6037) Feb/Jul15No
Service Design for Communities (DACA6113) Feb/Jul15No
Studio Project 3 (DACA6003) Feb/Jul30Yes
Studio Project 4 (DACA6004) Feb/Jul30Yes
Creative Enterprise Toolbox (ICIB7041) Feb/Jul30Yes
Practice in Context 5 (DACA7035) Feb/Jul15Yes
Professional Practice 2 (DACA7037) Feb/Jul15No
Research Methods (DACA7036) Feb/Jul15No
Studio Project 5 (DACA7005) Feb/Jul30Yes
Studio Project 6 (DACA7006) Feb/Jul45Yes
Work Integrated Learning Project (ICIB7061) Feb/Jul30Yes
Work Integrated Learning Project (Extended) (ICIB7062) Feb/Jul45Yes
Introduction to Animation (DACA5321) Jul15No
Applied Art in Context (DACA6914) Jul15No
Artefact and Element Project Folio (DACA6914) Jul15No
Design for Branding and Identity (DACA6222) Jul15No
Digital Camera and Editing Techniques (DACA6961) Jul15No
Digital Design for Publication (DACA6232) Jul15No
Interactive Design for Web and Animation Technologies (DACA6322) Jul15No
Life Drawing for Applied Art and Design (DACA6912) Jul15No
Spatial Design Practice (DACA6144) Jul15No
Creative Enterprise Toolbox (Extended) (ICIB7042) Jul30Yes