Computing and Information Technology

Our computing courses keep pace with constantly evolving technology and provide students with computing skills for the real world - with practical assignments and guest lectures from industry experts.

Multimedia Application Development (ISCG7422) Feb15Yes
Hardware Fundamentals (ISCG5400) Feb/Jul15No
Information Systems Concepts (ISCG5424) Feb/Jul15No
Introduction to Databases (ISCG5423) Feb/Jul15No
Multimedia and Web Development (ISCG5422) Feb/Jul15Yes
Networking Fundamentals (ISCG5403) Feb/Jul15No
Operating System Fundamentals (ISCG5401) Feb/Jul15No
Professional Skills for IT Practitioners (ISCG5430) Feb/Jul15No
Programming Fundamentals (ISCG5420) Feb/Jul15No
Programming Principles and Practice (ISCG5421) Feb/Jul15Yes
Data Communications and Networks (ISCG6401) Feb/Jul15Yes
Data Structures and Algorithms (ISCG6426) Feb/Jul15Yes
Data Warehousing (ISCG6425) Feb/Jul15Yes
Database Design and Development (ISCG6423) Feb/Jul15Yes
Fundamental Concepts in Cyber Security (ISCG6407) Feb/Jul15Yes
Game Programming (ISCG6442) Feb/Jul15Yes
GUI Programming (ISCG6421) Feb/Jul15Yes
Hardware Technology (ISCG6400) Feb/Jul15Yes
Help Desk (ISCG6412) Feb/Jul15Yes
Internet and Web Development (ISCG6420) Feb/Jul15Yes
Network Administration and Support (ISCG6402) Feb/Jul15Yes
Network Operating Systems Management (ISCG6403) Feb/Jul15Yes
Project Planning and Control (ISCG6411) Feb/Jul15Yes
Systems Analysis and Design (ISCG6414) Feb/Jul15Yes
User Interface Design (ISCG6424) Feb/Jul15Yes
Visual Game Design (ISCG6441) Feb/Jul15No
Web Server Management (ISCG6404) Feb/Jul15Yes
Advanced Cyber Security (ISCG7407) Feb/Jul15Yes
Advanced Data Communications (ISCG7401) Feb/Jul15Yes
Advanced Data Engineering (ISCG7446) Feb/Jul15Yes
Advanced Game Programming (ISCG7441) Feb/Jul15Yes
Advanced Programme Development (ISCG7421) Feb/Jul15Yes
Agile and Lean Software Delivery (ISCG7427) Feb/Jul15Yes
Business Systems Analysis (ISCG7414) Feb/Jul15Yes
Cloud Application Design and Development (ISCG7444) Feb/Jul15Yes
Computer Forensics Investigations (ISCG7404) Feb/Jul15Yes
Computing System Security (ISCG7400) Feb/Jul15Yes
Data Mining (ISCG7426) Feb/Jul15Yes
Information Systems and Analysis (ISCG7142) Feb/Jul15No
Information Systems Management (ISCG7410) Feb/Jul15Yes
Java Enterprise Programming (ISCG7425) Feb/Jul15Yes
Malware Analysis (ISCG7408) Feb/Jul15Yes
Mobile Software Development (ISCG7424) Feb/Jul15Yes
Network Design and Implementation (ISCG7402) Feb/Jul15Yes
Testing and Quality Assurance Management (ISCG7413) Feb/Jul15Yes
Web Application Development (ISCG7420) Feb/Jul15Yes
Creative Interactive Animation on the Web (ISCG6422) Jul15Yes
Multimedia Programming (ISCG6422) Jul15Yes
Testing and Quality Assurance Management (ISCG6413) Jul15Yes