Bring copies of important documents with you, including:

  • Photocopies of the front page and visa page of your passport (leave extra copies with a family member)
  • Originals and certified copies of your academic transcripts and birth certificates
  • Your Offer of Place from Unitec
  • Receipts for payment of fees/accommodation/visa
  • Work and personal references for finding work, and housing if you plan to rent
  • A letter of financial guarantee from your sponsor if you are a scholarship student
  • Medical records, glasses, and medication prescriptions and immunisation documents
  • School reports for any dependents accompanying you to live in Auckland 
  • Current driver’s licence- an international or your country's drivers license is valid for one year in NZ. After that, you will need to obtain a New Zealand driver's license 
  • A recent bank statement
  • NZ$300 to cover emergencies
  • A dictionary translated from English into your own language

Other items

Some things to pack include:

  • Clothes for all season. Clothing is available to buy at reasonable prices in New Zealand
    • Auckland is warm in the summer but can get real cold and wet in winter. We recommend packing warm clothing together with summer clothes. People here often layer clothes as the weather can change anytime. We recommend packing a warm waterproof jacket and also formal clothing (for interviews or events) before you leave.
    • There are 4 seasons here in a year. Summer is from December- February, followed by Autumn(Fall) from March - May. Winter is from June -August and Spring is from September- November.
  • Credit cards and NZ cash - at least NZ$300 for use on arrival
  • Electrical Goods - If you want to bring in electrical goods to New Zealand's, please be aware that the electrical conversion is 240V, 50 hertz. You can easily find adaptors at places like the Warehouse or Briscoes. Most power sockets accept three-pin plugs or similar adaptors.
  • A laptop/ computer

New Zealand Customs Control

Agriculture is crucial to New Zealand's economy and New Zealand Customs has strict regulations on bringing restricted products into the country and carries out baggage checks at airports. You will be asked to fill out a form on the plane that outlines prohibited items- read this carefully and declare every item. If you are caught bringing restricted products into the country, you will pay an instant fine of at least NZ$200!  We strongly advise you to visit New Zealand Customs for more information on allowances and prohibited goods before you depart.

You can get most medication from the pharmacies in New Zealand, however, if you are carrying prescription medication into the country, please make sure that you:

  • Have a prescription from your doctor stating that it is important for your health, not exceeding 3 month's worth of supply for prescription medication and 1 month's worth of controlled drugs
  • Bring the medication in their original packaging- with all the information on it

Arriving in Auckland

You would have had a long flight to come to New Zealand. You would be jetlagged. The best way to overcome jetlag is to adjust yourself immediately to local time and weather and stay hydrated. Try to stay awake during the day ( we find that coffee and exploring the city help), and sleep at night! You will be adjusted within no time!