After this you will need to apply for a New Zealand driver’s licence and you can find all the information here on how to get your New Zealand drivers licence. You must carry your licence or permit with you at all times when driving. If it is in a language that is not English, please make sure you get it translated and carry the translation as well as the original copy when you drive in New Zealand. 

Please visit to find the the official Road Code questions for cars, motorbikes and heavy vehicles on this website, to help you drive safer in Auckland. It's important to note that we drive on the left hand side of the road in New Zealand.

We also highly recommend purchasing car insurance if you are buying a car here. For more information on how to get this, please refer to the Consumer Affairs website. Remember, do not drink and drive! If you are caught drunk, you can be fined up to $4500 and possibly put in prison.

The speed limit here is normally 50 km/hr in urban areas and 100 km/ hr on the motorways. Be mindful of the speed limit signs and road conditions at all times.

The New Zealand Road Code

When you arrive in New Zealand, you will need to familiarise yourself with the New Zealand Road Code, which explains safe driving laws and practices. You can buy a copy of the Road Code from book stores or find the information on the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) website.


If you're in a car, whether in the driver or passengers seat (front and back) ,you must wear a seatbelt. Anyone 15 and over can be fined if you are caught driving or riding in a vehicle without a safetybelt. If you are driving a passenger under 15 without a safety belt or child restraint, you, as the driver, will be fined.

You must wear a cycle helmet on a bike or a helmet on a motorbike. There are instant fines for not abiding by these rules.

For further information on road safety, please refer to the websites below:


If you get involved in an accident, make sure to pull over to the side of the road you are driving on and park safely. If there is an injury, call 111 (ambulance, police or fire). If no one is injured, exchange your information with the other party. Get the name, address, phone number, car number plate and make and the name of their insurance company, you will then need to inform the police within 24 hours. They will issue you will a report which you can then use to claim insurance.

Rental cars

There are a number of cheap car rental companies in Auckland. You can also find them at the Auckland International Airport. You can hire a car for under $100 for a long weekend, which may be easier and cheaper than purchasing one. Most car rental companies will require that you are over 20 years old and that you have a current overseas license (translated if needed), a New Zealand license or an International licence.

Buying a car

Some students decide to buy cars within the first month of their arrival in NZ. It is very common for students here to buy second hand cars instead of brand new ones as it is a lot cheaper and it serves the purpose. Before you buy a car, we recommend looking into the AA Used Car Buying Guide. There are many places where you might be able to buy used cars- you can check out the TradeMe website, google car fairs around Auckland and check out other authorised car dealers.