Estimated cost of living in New Zealand

Rent (per week)


Groceries (per week)


Unitec Sports Centre and gym (per year)


Entertainment (per week)


Average meal


Milk (per litre)


Can of Coke


Hot Drink


Lunch at the Unitec Hub


Single bus trip (up to 8 stages with AT HOP card)


Phone Credit


Movie Ticket (Student Price)


Textbooks (per year)

$500- $1000



Doctor’s visit


Dentist’s visit


So in total, you need to budget for NZD15,000 per year as per the Immigration New Zealand student visa requirements, plus the return airfare or an additional NZ$2,000*. Use the currency calculator to work out the equivalent amounts.

*This is a guideline only, please check the INZ website for the most up-to-date information.

Paying your living expenses

Some countries allow you to pay your living expenses through the Funds Transfer Scheme (FTS). Visit the New Zealand Immigration website for more information.

New Zealand currency

Remember to bring your credit card and some New Zealand dollars in mixed denominations, for example $5, $10 and $20 notes. You will need to have you at least NZD300 cash on you for your first week to cover taxis, food and other expenses.