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Creative Industries_ Artist in studio

Visual Arts

Visual artists work with paint, print, photography, video, animation, sculptural, craft and installation practices to create work that is conceptually and visually engaging. Study visual arts at Unitec and you’ll develop your own unique style through studio based practice through studio - based education, under the guidance of experienced artists.

Explore your options

Unitec’s creative programme suite offer you great opportunities to explore and develop your visual art practice. You'll create and experiment in a collaborative environment with group critiques and visiting guest speakers.

Our experienced lecturers will push your creative development and challenge your thinking. Our international artist in residence programme will inspire you with ideas from around the world. You can stay up to date with the line-up of national and international artists at our Gallery One West and Gallery One East exhibition spaces. 

You’ll get to exhibit your work in the campus galleries, in public spaces and at the end of year graduate show. Our graduates have gone on to win awards, have exhibited in private and public galleries around New Zealand and overseas, become excellent Arts educators in their own right and enjoyed the dynamic and enriching experience of being involved in the Creative Industries.


In School of Creative Industries we have a wide range of shows and events, discover more from: 

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Programmes and study path

Start with a programme that suits your qualifications and/or experience, then progress to a level that achieves your goals.
New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 3) 3 Full-time for 16 weeks or part-time options available Entry into further study at certificate or diploma level. February or July
New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 4) - Art and Design 4 Full-time for 16 weeks or part-time options available. This programme prepares you for further study toward a career in art and design in creative industries February or July
Bachelor of Creative Enterprise 7 Three years full-time or part-time options available Artist, Photographer, Graphic designer, Product designer, Motion graphics designer, Independent craft practitioner, Art/ Design Educator February or July
Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Practice 8 Full-time for one year or part-time for two years Artist, Creative director, Curator, Digital artist, Director, Graphic designer, Photographer, Producer, Visual artist February or July
Master of Creative Practice 9 Full-time for 18 months or part-time for three years Artist, Art director, Product designer, Graphic designer, Director, Photographer, Experience designer, Producer, Production designer, Sculptor, Visual artist, Performance designer, Service designer, Curator, Actor for theatre, film and television, Choreographer, Filmmaker February or July


Study visual arts and you’ll have access to stretcher making facilities, computer labs, and laser and vinyl cutting services. You can use the fully equipped wood, metal, glass and ceramics workshops. And then there’s the plastics and mould making rooms, printmaking studio, photographic studios and darkrooms and the spray painting booths. It’s a great opportunity to experiment and develop your craft with a range of tools and techniques.