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Maori Night Classes

These free night classes provide an introduction to te reo Māori from beginner level to full immersion. Ahakoa ko wai, no hea koe, ko tēnei te wā! No matter who you are or where you're from, this is the time to immerse yourself in the richness of te ao Māori (the Māori world).


Te ao Māori is an exciting and enduring culture that has shaped Aotearoa's society and is an integral part of our contemporary lifestyle.

We offer free te reo Māori night classes at four different levels, and whatever level you choose, you'll get to explore our beautiful Te Noho Kotahitanga marae and wharekai. They are hubs for teaching and learning, places for ceremonial and celebratory gatherings, and a source of local and historical knowledge.

You’ll also be taught by some of the best lecturers in an authentic tikanga Māori environment (a learning atmosphere guided by Māori protocols).

Watch this short video to see what our past students say and experienced in kura pō (night classes).

Kōrero mai – give it a go!

Kura pō (night classes)

We offer free te reo Māori night classes (kura pō) at four levels, starting with tahi (one) for beginners, rua (two) intermediate, toru (three) for advanced, and wha (four) our full immersion class.

Tahi - Beginner

Choose this level if you haven't had much / any exposure to te reo Māori.

This course provides an introduction to basic personal introduction, mihimihi, karakia, waiata, to the basic language structures and vocabulary at a communicative level. It reinforces vowel, consonants, diphthongs, blends, and correct pronunciation of te reo Māori words and much more.

Rua - Intermediate

Choose this level if you already know many basics of te reo Māori i.e. numbers and colours.

This course offers an extension to Reo Tahi or for learners with a basic understanding of language knowledge with punctuation, syntax, past and present and future tense, pepeha, whakapapa and much more.

Toru - Advanced

Choose this level if you already know how to structure complex sentences in te reo Māori.

This course is a further extension again of language acquisition and cultural awareness. This includes being supported to be able to convers comfortably, with a focus on sentences and oral conversations in class and much more.

Wha - Full immersion

Choose this level if you're comfortable speaking sentences in te reo Māori.

At this advanced level, you will contribute to classroom discussions, sing appropriate mōteatea and recite karakia for different settings (course runs subject to numbers).

How to Apply

Already attended kura pō 

If you have previously been enrolled or attended a te reo Māori night class, login to your Student Portal to enrol for the next class. 

If you need any help, please contact Student Central

New student 

If you are applying for your first te reo Māori night class, click on the button below to apply. 

As part of applying you will need to submit your proof of New Zealand citizenship or residency

Apply Now for Tahi 

Apply Now for Rua 

Apply Now for Toru Toru is only taught at Mt Albert campus. 

Apply Now for Wha Wha is only taught at Mt Albert campus. 

General class informaton

Te Utu (fees)

All courses are free for domestic students. To be eligible, you must submit proof of your citizenship or residency when you apply.

To reo Māori night classes are not available to international students.

Ngā rā, ngā wā, me ngā wahi (duration, time, and locations)

You attend class once a week, on the same evening every week where possible.

All levels are taught at the same time, in separate rooms. Room information will be provided when you are enrolled.

Public holidays are observed during each term, so there will be no classes on these days and your term will be reduced accordingly. 

Term 2, Monday 2/5/22 to 4/7/22 6pm to 9pm Online
Term 2, Tuesday 3/5/22 to 5/7/22 6pm to 9pm Online
Term 2, Wednesday 4/5/22 to 6/7/22 6pm to 9pm Online
Term 3, Monday 25/7/22 to 26/9/22 6pm to 9pm Mt Albert
Term 3, Tuesday 26/7/22 to 27/9/22 6pm to 9pm Mt Albert
Term 3, Tuesday 26/7/22 to 27/9/22 6pm to 9pm Waitākere (no Level Wha)
Term 3, Wednesday 27/7/22 to 28/9/22 6pm to 9pm Mt Albert
Term 4, Monday 10/10/22 to 12/12/22 6pm to 9pm Mt Albert
Term 4, Tuesday 11/10/22 to 13/12/22 6pm to 9pm Mt Albert
Term 4, Wednesday 12/10/22 to 14/12/22 6pm to 9pm Mt Albert

Class Venue

Your class will be held at either our Mt Albert or Waitākere campus.

Mt Albert campus: Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae, Gate 3, Carrington Rd, Mt Albert.

Waitākere campus: Building 510, Level 1, Waitākere Lane, Henderson.

See our campus maps for more campus detail.


80% attendance is required to pass the course, which means that you need to attend 8 out of 10 classes to pass. Failure to attend 80% of classes will result in an automatic withdrawal.

If you need to miss a class

If you need to miss a class, let us know by phone or email, or you can speak to your kaiako (teacher) at class prior to your absence. 

Change evenings or levels

You are not able to change the evening you attend once enrolled.  

You may change levels in weeks 1 and 2 of each term, and then we ask that you stay within the same level for the rest of the term.

Cancel or withdraw from a class

If your application is still in progress, you can cancel your application:

Returning students: Login to your Student Portal

New students: Login to your Enrolment Dashboard

If you have been enrolled and want to withdraw, please contact us as soon as possible so we can offer your space to someone else. 


He kohanga kōrero (feedback)

See what our our students say about their experience with kura pō (night classes).

Whakapā mai (contact us)

Location: Building 171 (Puukenga), Mt. Albert Campus
Hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm
Phone: +64 9 892 7093

Moving to Te Pūkenga

Vocational education in Aotearoa (New Zealand) is changing to better meet the needs of learners like you.

As part of this transformational change, in 2023 Unitec will become fully part of Te Pūkenga, a national network delivering skills training in a wide range of locations throughout Aotearoa.

This means that while you are enrolling with Unitec now, from Semester 1, 2023 you will become a Te Pūkenga learner.

Te Pūkenga has the success and wellbeing of learners at its heart, and a review of all programmes is currently underway to help support this, including this programme. The aim is to make qualifications more portable, consistent and closely aligned with the needs of industry, and more in tune with where the world is headed.

The information contained here is correct at the time of publishing, but as the programme review is ongoing, the courses outlined may be liable to change over time.

Rest assured that we will notify you of any material changes to delivery that might impact what you study, where you study or the ways you learn.