Our Team

Ash Bennett (Team Leader)
Fi Pillay
Frances Gillam
Miguel Cubeles-Gil

Ash Bennett:  Team Leader, Facilitator
Email - abennett@unitec.ac.nz
Phone - +64 9 892 7546

I started at Free4U in September 2012 as the Free4U Team Leader after being the Team Leader of the Unitec IT HelpDesk for 2.5 years & an IT Trainer before that.  I enjoy working at Unitec and am proud to be part of such a great team that provide a valuable service to the community.

We strive to give our students the opportunity to develop their computer skills for employment, further study or personal interest and to deliver positive learning outcomes. I am motivated by student success stories and enjoy seeing people learn.

Some of my current projects aside from day to day operations at Free4U include working with the project team for Free4U Birkenhead, course development for our new Free4U courses, Unitec Staff Office Training and furthering Free4U's target market through internal and external promotion and establishing connections with our stakeholders.

In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, family and friends and I play squash (am B grade and play interclub, tournaments and doubles), golf (usually a 16-18 golf handicap), guitar (love acoustic, classic rock and blues music), love the outdoors and am into astronomy.

Fi Pillay:  Facilitator
Email - fpillay@unitec.ac.nz
Phone - +64 9 892 7826
Fi (from Niue Island) is a key member of the Unitec Free4U Computing team and has been working with us for about 6 years and was at MIT with FreeB Computing for 2 years before that. She is currently based at Free4U Henderson. She is a mother of two boys & two girls and has one grand daughter. Her interests include reading, wasjig puzzles, George Michael, sports especially hockey, rugby, badminton and tennis. Her dislikes include cooking, netball and cold weather.

Frances Gillam:  Facilitator
Email - fgillam@unitec.ac.nz
Phone - +64 9 892 9155
Frances has been working as a facilitator at Free4U since mid 2012 and enjoys helping people learn to use the computer.

Miguel Cubeles-Gil:  Facilitator
Email - mcubelesgil@unitec.ac.nz
Phone - +64 9 892 7946
Miguel is a key member of the Free4U team. He has been working at Free4U Computing fulltime since 2008. He began working weekends at Free4U Henderson in 2002/ 2003 and then started work at Free4U at Takapuna in 2008. In 2011 Unitec's Takapuna campus relocated to Albany and Free4U moved with it. Miguel will be working at Free4U Birkenhead.  Miguel's hobbies include cooking, walking, family, music, Microsoft Excel and socialising.