2020 dates
  • Closing: Friday, December 11th
2021 dates
  • Semester 1 Term 1: January 12th to April 19th
  • Semester 1 Term 2: May 3rd to July 7th
  • Semester 2 Term 1: July 26th to October 4th
  • Semester 2 Term 2: October 18th to December 17th


Start our courses anytime.  We are open throughtout the year (including throughout the school holidays) apart from during the closure dates mentioned above.
We offer 9 FREE introductory self-directed Windows 10/ Office 2016 courses. 
The enrolment duration for each course for students studying at our Free4U Henderson classroom is 18 hours (apart from Getting Started in Computing which is 15 hours) or 10 weeks (whatever comes first), but students can finish before the allocated time.  The maximum number of enrolments per student per course is two in line with government funding conditions.
Learn from instructional material with accompanying practical exercises and help from facilitators when required.  There are no formal assessments but we have optional quizzes to measure learning outcomes.  We encourage you to enrol in other Unitec programmes upon completion.

Grading System
There are no formal assessments, however it is now a requirement, effective from the beginning of 2019, that you are graded on Free4U courses.  For more information please ask a facilitator.


For an example of the types of things covered at Free4U, click here to do the Free4U Taster Quiz.  Our quizzes are not compulsory and you are not graded on your results.  If you are interested, try some of our other quizzes.
  • Getting Started in Computing
  • Keyboarding
  • Introduction to Internet and Email
  • Introduction to Word 2016 Part 1
  • Introduction to Word 2016 Part 2
  • Introduction to Excel 2016
  • Introduction to Publisher 2016
  • Introduction to PowerPoint 2016
  • Introduction to Access 2016


1. To be eligible to enrol at Free4U Computing, you must be a NZ Citizen or NZ Permanent Resident and be aged 16 or over.
2. Unless Unitec has already sighted one of the documents mentioned below, please bring in the original to a Free4U Classroom or to Unitec Student Central Mt Albert campus or email a scanned copy to free4u@unitec.ac.nz (must be certified i.e. by a Justice of the Peace) - more info
- NZ Citizens:  Passport, Birth Certificate (see note 4) or Certificate of NZ Citizenship.  You may bring in an expired Passport so long as the photo resembles you.
- NZ Permanent Residents:  Passport (displaying NZ Permanent Residency Visa), Passport (and printout of E-Visa), Certificate of NZ Permanent Residency or Certificate of Identity.  You may bring in an expired Passport so long as the photo resembles you and the NZ Permanent Residency visa is current.
3. Documents need to be originals, not photocopies, unless the photocopies are certified by a Justice of the Peace.
4. We use your name as it appears on your ID, unless you bring a marriage certificate as well as the ID mentioned above.
5. If you have a debt to Unitec (fees owing, library/ parking fine), this must be sorted before enrolling at Free4U.
6. Due to ITP restrictions, you must be located in the Auckland area.


Free4U Henderson
Location - Unitec Waitākere Campus, 5 Ratanui St, Henderson (Building 510 Room 3031 - third floor)
Phone - +64 9 892 9155
Email - free4uhenderson@unitec.ac.nz
Session Times - Tuesday and Friday - 9.00am, 10.30am, 12.30pm, 2.00pm, 3.30pm (close 5.00pm)
more information

Unitec Student Central Mt Albert

Enrolment Certification option only
- Unitec Mt Albert Campus, Carrington Rd, Mt Albert (Te Puna, Building 180)
Phone - +64 0800 10 95 10
Hours - Mon to Fri 8am - 8pm, Sat 9am - 4pm


As a Free4U Student you are able to utilise our Student Services, however you are not able to get a Student ID card.