Membership benefits

As a Unitec alumni you can access lots of benefits to help you keep up with industry developments and advance your own career.

Network with industry and community partners

Stay connected with industry and community partners via invitations to events, keynote speakers, guest lectures and launches of new initiatives.

Connect with other Unitec graduates

There are lots of opportunities to connect with fellow alumni - including events and online discussion forums - where you can meet your peers and past students who are now working in the industry.

Free career planning

Even if you graduated a while ago, career advice can be critical in keeping you on track to reach your professional goals. As a Unitec alumnus, you can access the specialist knowledge and advice of Unitec’s Career Centre at any time.


If your department or faculty organise a reunion, you’ll be invited to the celebration. Unitec reunions are really enjoyable, with guest speakers, stories, drinks and nibbles.


Unitec holds events throughout the year including free lectures, films, cultural experiences and industry events. As a Unitec alumnus, you’ll be invited to events that are relevant to your interests and career.

Library Associate membership

As an alumnus, you can become a Library Associate Member and borrow from any Unitec Library at a discounted rate. Please note there is currently no access to the Library's online databases.

To download the Associate Member application form and for further information visit the library website.

Access to health facilities

Human Performance Laboratory
Unitec’s Human Performance Lab offers tailored testing to measure your cardiovascular fitness, lactate and anaerobic threshold, anaerobic power and body composition. It will give you a great starting point if you’re starting an exercise programme for the first time, or help you make big improvements if you’re already training.

Osteopathy Clinic
The Unitec Osteopathy Clinic is an affordable way to get treatment for physical conditions or pain related to the bones, joints and ligaments. Treatment is provided by Master of Osteopathy students who have already completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology). The students are fully supervised by clinical tutors who are qualified and experienced osteopaths.

Sports Centre
The Unitec Sports Centre is open to Unitec students, staff, alumni and the wider community. It offers affordable and high-quality training facilities and group classes for all ages and fitness levels, from beginners to professional athletes.

Research and innovation

Advance is Unitec’s research magazine, showcasing the innovative research that takes place across the organisation. Published three times a year, it’s a great way to find out about cutting-edge projects happening in collaboration with industry, the local community, and professionals. Subscribe to Advance magazine, or follow the Advance blog.

Be sure to keep your contact details up-to-date so you receive the latest news, events and invitations.