If you are an international student under 18 years of age on your first day at Unitec, you must read the following information:
New Zealand Education Providers play an important role to ensure that International Students are well looked after- we call this Pastoral Care. To support this, the New Zealand Government has developed the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, also known as the Code of Practice.
The Code of Practice sets the standards of care that you can expect as an International Student under 18 years of age, and this includes the requirement for suitable accommodation with an approved homestay family, living with a parent or legal guardian or living with a designated caregiver in New Zealand.

1. Accommodation for students under 18

The Code of Practice requires you to live in one of the following accommodation options:
Option 1: Living with a parent or parents?
The applicants parent/s must confirm that they will be residing in Auckland with the applicant until the applicant is 18 years of age. We may make arrangements to view the property and meet with the parent/s. Parent/s must complete the following forms and email it back to us on mmehra@unitec.ac.nz
Option 2: Living with a designated caregiver in New Zealand?
A designated caregiver must be a relative or close family friend. If the applicants parent/s would like the applicant to live with a designated caregiver, they must complete and sign the necessary forms. The designated caregiver must also sign the Clean Slate Disclosure Form. Once we receive the indemnity document signed by the parents, we will send an agreement to the designated caregiver and arrange a meeting to view the property.
Option 3: Living with an approved homestay family in New Zealand?
The applicants parents may want to arrange for a homestay family in New Zealand. Unitec uses Host Families NZ to help with student placements, police checks and home inspections. Please let us know here if you would like this option and we will assist you through the process.

2.Arriving on International Welcome Day

We recommend that you attend International Welcome Day to get acquainted with the services and facilities that we provide. Please register your attendance at the Under 18 booth on the day. If you think you might be arriving late, please contact us here to make an appointment so that we can take you through what you have missed on the day. 

3. Making Contact

Please make contact with us here upon your arrival in New Zealand. If you have any difficulties with your accommodation, academic performance, general health and wellbeing or any other concerns, we want to help you and refer you to the right support services.

Work authorisation for Under 18's

Unitec does not endorse students Under 18 to work part time during school sessions or holidays. As a result, no requests for such letters provided to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will be entertained. Please ensure that you have adequate funds to maintain yourself during your studies. This is also one the conditions of your study visa as issued by INZ.