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Study Plumbing at Unitec

New Zealand Certificate in Gasfitting

If you want to become a registered Gasfitter, this certificate is for you. In this programme you’ll study part time while working as an apprentice towards your industry registration, with Unitec and your employer.

235 (1.96 EFTS)
Mt Albert
Start dates
March, April, July, October
Part-time for up to 4 years

Programme overview

As part of the government’s Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF) to help upskill workers in roles critical to the economy, this programme has no fees*. Click here for a list of the programmes that are covered by this scheme.

Undertake this certificate and through classroom learning and practical sessions, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills and experience required to gain registration as a Gasfitter. 

Your first papers are compulsory and shared with plumbing and drainlaying students. From there, you’ll move onto gasfitting-specific training, where you’ll learn to install, test, commission, fault-find and maintain gasfitting systems.


  • Take this programme in conjunction with other apprenticeship programmes including the New Zealand Certificate in Plumbing and the New Zealand Certificate in Drainlaying
  • Successful completion of this programme will help you gain your full registration to be a Tradesman Gasfitter
  • On-campus training is set up in block courses to minimise work disruption
  • This programme is a managed apprenticeship, this means we'll assist in your success and visit you on-site
  • Much of our teaching material utilises familiar industry products from leading manufacturers and merchants
  • Workshop learning takes place in our purpose-built trades training building 
  • Learn from our experienced qualified academic trades staff

Qualification pathway

To become registered and gain your qualification you will need to:

  1. Successfully complete this New Zealand Certificate in Gasfitting programme of study, then;
  2. Pass the Plumbing Gasfitting and Drainlaying Board (PGDB) exam, then;
  3. Apply for your tradesman licenses and registration. See the PGDB site for more details about the exam, licensing, and registration. 
  4. Once you have your registration, you may then graduate and receive your New Zealand Certificate in Gasfitting qualification.

Completion of the New Zealand Certificate in Plumbing, Gasfitting, and Drainlaying (Level 3) is an advantage as it will help you prepare for study in this field but it is not a requirement. Additionally, some credits gained from the Level 3 programme will contribute to this Level 4 programme.

Combined Apprenticeship Training

Combine your training in plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying at Unitec for the best possible career in this industry. Gain your three Level 4 certificate training and qualifications to gain registration in all 3 areas: plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying. Not only does this training lower your fees (in comparison to taking all 3 Level 4 programmes separately) but it can also shorten your study duration.
How to enrol: enrol in any L4 programme and ask our team about combined training.
Campus: Mt Albert
Level: 4
Credits: 475
Start dates: February, April, July, or October
Duration: Part-time for 4 - 4.5 years
Fees: The total fees for this multi-programme is $14,650 + student services fees. This will be charged to you per course enrolment on an annual or semester basis.
(Approximate fee only. View options for funding your study and fees-free eligibility.)
At Unitec, there are several plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying options for you:


Find out about plumbing, drainlaying and/or gasfitting apprenticeships at Unitec.

Admission requirements

For this programme, you will need to:

1.   Be employed in the workplace as an apprentice/trainee gas-fitter and complete the Apprentice and Employer Details Form; AND

2.    Be able to hold a current gas-fitting limited trainee certificate or licence as issued under the Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Drainlayers Act (2006); AND

3.    Have one or more of the following, if English is not your first language:

  • Have achieved NCEA Level 3 and New Zealand University Entrance
  • Be able to provide evidence you satisfy our criteria for existing English proficiency
  • Have achieved at least one English proficiency outcome in the last two years

Don't meet the requirements? We also accept:

  • Sufficient evidence to be eligible for discretionary admission

For more information, download the programme regulations:

Programme Regulations

Courses and timetables

For more details on the courses, please click on the course names below. Please note that our systems are updating with new course timetable information for 2022; please check back again soon.

Courses Credits Aim
Weather Tightness (CIBC4142) 20.0 credits (0.167 EFTS) To enable students to ensure structural integrity and weather tightness requirements are maintained when working in plumbing and gasfitting industries.
Ducting Heating Systems (CIBC4143) 10.0 credits (0.083 EFTS) To enable students to select, install, commission and maintain ducting and heating systems.
Preliminary Work in Plumbing, Gasfitting and Drainlaying (CIBC4146) 15.0 credits (0.125 EFTS) To enable students to get a general understanding of plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying industry.
PGD Industry I (CIBC4147) 15.0 credits (0.125 EFTS) To enable students to understand and implement safe working practices when working in a confined space; knowledge of tools and job documentation used in PGD projects, and working with consideration of other construction and related trades as a plumber, gasfitter or a drainlayer.
PGD Industry 2 (CIBC4148) 15.0 credits (0.125 EFTS) To enable students to interpret plans and drawings, prepare site including excavate trenches and manage variations and amendments as needed.
Combustible Fuel Gas (CIBC4151) 20.0 credits (0.167 EFTS) To enable students to understand different gas types, uses, properties, associated hazards and methods of measurement.
uLPG (CIBC4152) 15.0 credits (0.125 EFTS) To enable students to install, commission and maintain a uLPG fixed and portable system.
Pipework for Gasfitting (CIBC4153) 20.0 credits (0.167 EFTS) To enable students to select, install, commission, and maintain pipework in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in gas industry.
Flues and Ventilation (CIBC4154) 15.0 credits (0.125 EFTS) To enable students to select, install and commission flues securely and safely in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.
Mechanical Gas Appliances and Equipment (CIBC4155) 20.0 credits (0.167 EFTS) To enable students to install, commission and maintain mechanical gas appliances and equipment in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and standards.
Electrically Controlled Gas Appliances and Equipment (CIBC4156) 20.0 credits (0.167 EFTS) To enable students to install, commission, and identify and rectify faults in electrically controlled gas appliances and equipment.
Commercial and Industrial Gas Appliances and Equipment (CIBC4157) 15.0 credits (0.125 EFTS) To enable students to install, commission, and identify and rectify faults in commercial and industrial gas appliances and equipment.
Control and Safety Devices in Gas Industry (CIBC4158) 15.0 credits (0.125 EFTS) To enable students to install, connect and maintain control and safety devices in gas industry.