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Unitec’s medical imaging undergraduate programme provides you with the theoretical and clinical knowledge to work as a medical imaging technologist (MIT). You'll also get an introduction to more advanced imaging systems such as ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 

Block periods of time working in a radiology/x-ray department means lots of hands-on experience which ensures you graduate work-ready as a medical imaging technologist with a sound understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology and physics.

And if you’re already qualified, you can take your career further with a postgraduate programme. They’re designed in partnership with clinical colleagues to make sure they meet current industry needs. We offer flexible study options so you can fit professional development around your job and equip yourself for future practice.

Programmes and study path

Start with a programme that suits your qualifications and/or experience, then progress to a level that achieves your goals.
New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation (Level 3)3Full-time for 16 weeks or part-time options availableEntry into further study at certificate or diploma level.February or July
Certificate of University Preparation (Level 4)4Full-time for 16 weeks or part-time options availableEntry into degree-level study at universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics in New Zealand.February or July
Bachelor of Health Science (Medical Imaging)7Full-time for three yearsMedical imaging technologist (requires registration with MRTB)February

Industry connections

Industry accreditation

The Bachelor of Health Science (Medical Imaging) is accredited by the New Zealand Medical Radiation Technologists Board.

Industry opportunities

At Unitec, we think the best way to learn is a mixture of thinking and doing. You'll spend block periods of time working in a radiology/x-ray department as well as developing your medical knowledge so you can easily transition to the workplace. Our staff will help you find suitable clinical placements. We currently have students placed in public and private providers in Auckland and Whangarei.

Postgraduate Qualifications in Applied Practice

Our Applied Practice postgraduate programmes address the changing needs of our workforce and communities.
The Master of Applied Practice, Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Practice and the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice are applied and flexible qualifications that have been designed for practitioners working in New Zealand’s health and social practice sector. There are specialisations (or prescribed pathways), if that’s what best suits your needs, or you can design a learning pathway customised to achieve your specific goals.
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