Contemporary Issues in Biology (NSCI5734)

15.0 (0.125 EFTS)
To enable students to research contemporary issues in biological sciences and thereby facilitate the acquisition of fundamental academic skills that support studies in the Bachelor of Applied Science.
Pre-requisites / Co-requisites: 
Topics include: 

Software use
Moodle, Word processing, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, Endnote, journaling, blogs, wikis, discussion forums, web 2.0. Evaluative skills
reflection, critical thinking, reading for meaning, textual analysis, validating information, inductive and deductive reasoning.
Communication skills
note taking skills, assignment & exam techniques, literacy skills (including scientific reports), scientific illustration and annotation, library and electronic databases,
advanced keyword searching, academic integrity (plagiarism, paraphrasing, quotation), referencing/in-text citation.
Presentation of scientific data
techniques for the presentation of data, including graphs and charts, independent and dependent variables, axes, scales,
SI units, log scales, exponential relationships and descriptive statistics, basic statistical testing such as Chi square and Student's T-test.
Choose your class for this course from the option(s) below. You will need to attend all the sessions in that class to complete the course. Where more than one class number is shown, choose one of them and attend all sessions within that class number. (Note: If a class is held in different locations at the same time, you only need to attend all the sessions in one of the locations.)
There are no classes on public holidays.

Class: 2563

You need to attend all sessions of this class as listed below.

From – ToSessionDayTimeCampus (Room)
26 Feb 18 - 9 Apr 18 LectureMonday08:30 - 10:30 Mt Albert (114-4005)
28 Feb 18 - 11 Apr 18 LectureWednesday08:30 - 10:30 Mt Albert (183-2007)
30 Apr 18 - 4 Jun 18 LectureMonday08:30 - 10:30 Mt Albert (114-4005)
2 May 18 - 6 Jun 18 LectureWednesday08:30 - 10:30 Mt Albert (183-2007)
Note: This course is offered as part of Bachelor of Applied Science (Science Communication), Bachelor of Applied Science (Animal Management and Welfare), Bachelor of Applied Science (Biodiversity Management).

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