Studying at Unitec | Te Pūkenga in 2024

Following the Government’s announcement of its intention to disestablish Te Pūkenga | New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, please be assured that your programme of study or training will continue as planned while we work through the details of how this change will be implemented.

We are committed to ensuring that organisational changes that need to be made to meet the Government’s expectations do not impact the delivery of our programmes and training for our learners and employers.

If you need access to learner support services or have any concerns, please contact us


The following information previously appeared on our website and is provided for reference only.

Unitec is part of Te Pūkenga

From 1 October 2022 Unitec Institute of Technology legally changed its name to Te Pūkenga trading as Unitec. Commonly we will still be known as Unitec.
If you see the name Unitec Institute of Technology or Unitec used on this website (in web pages or documents) it means Te Pūkenga trading as Unitec.

Te Pūkenga brings the Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) and the arranging training activities of certain Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) together to create a national network. This will give learners more choices and flexibility in what, where, and how they learn.

Existing Unitec ākonga (learners) will be enrolled with Te Pūkenga automatically in the same qualification and will continue to learn in the same way, in the same place, with the same people. 

Learners should note that all programmes offered across Te Pūkenga are under review to ensure they are portable, consistent and aligned with the needs of industry and may be changed. Where there are changes to programmes that you have applied to enrol in, you will be notified of these changes.

Introducing Te Pūkenga – The New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology

Ehara tāku toa i te toa takitahi, engari te toa takitini

Success is not the work of an individual, but the work of many

Vocational education in Aotearoa – New Zealand is changing to put learners at the centre of everything we do.

This is a really exciting time to be learning and working with us.

Because right now, Unitec is helping to build a training system that fits around your life and communities, allowing you to access the skills needed to make the most of your future.

When you choose to study with Unitec, you have the strength of Te Pūkenga – the country’s largest tertiary provider - behind you.

Te Pūkenga is a national network of polytechnics, industry training organisations and institutes of technology including Unitec.

The mahi to bring all these different organisations from across the country together to deliver the best outcomes for all students has been a big effort.

We had to make sure we had heard the views, ideas and lived experience of the thousands learning, working and relying on our sector.

From the beginning of 2023, we will take another big step forward in this journey when the national network comes becomes a single body forming one of the largest tertiary institutions in the world. 

We want our students to understands what this means for them.
Find the answers to some of the key questions about the transition here

Te Pukenga values

Manawa nui | We reach out and welcome in

Manawa nui describes a person or group’s behaviours that embody manaakitanga, humility, patience, respect, tolerance and compassion.

Manawa roa | We learn and achieve together

Manawa roa describes a person or group’s behaviours that embody staying power, resilience, fortitude, grit and doing what needs to be done to achieve the collective goal.

Manawa ora | We strengthen and grow the whole person

Manawa ora describes a person or group’s behaviours that embody breathing life into all aspects of another life form.

Te Pūkenga educational priorities

Te Pūkenga has five priorities guiding our work:

  • A relentless focus on equity and ensuring participation – we honour and uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi in all we do.
  • Delivering customised learning approaches that meet the needs of learners and trainees wherever they are.
  • Using our size and scale to strengthen the quality and range of education delivery throughout Aotearoa.
  • Excellence in educational provision for all.
  • Services that meet the specific regional needs of employers and communities.
  • Transition educational services in a smooth and efficient manner.

Te Pūkenga charter outcomes

Ngā otinga e wawatangia ana | Our desired outcomes.

How successful we are performing will be measured by how well we meet the expectations of our Charter.
Te Pūkenga is grounded in nine outcomes that reflect our Charter:

  1. Give effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi in all that we do.
  2. Provide exceptional learning experiences and equitable outcomes for Māori.
  3. Be learner centred. Recognise the diverse and unique needs of all learners, with a focus on the unmet needs of Māori, Pacific and disabled learners, and staff, to empower diversity, belonging, and wellbeing.
  4. Partner with employers to deliver relevant work-integrated education that meets skills needs.
  5. Be responsive and empowering to staff and learners.
  6. Become a connected and future focussed education provider driven by innovation, collaboration, research, data driven decision-making and teaching excellence.
  7. Delivering regional flexibility and nationally consistent outcomes. Create-barrier free access, mobility across, and clear pathways within the network for learners.
  8. Become a sustainable network of provision creating social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing.
  9. Focus on efficient and cost-effective delivery across the network.

Further information is available at Te Pūkenga website.

About Te Pūkenga

From 2023, things might look a little different:

You will start to see more branding with Unitec and Te Pūkenga

A nationwide Te Pūkenga recruitment campaign for learners will be in place from August 2022. This campaign have the new Te Pūkenga look and feel but will co-branded with Unitec and Te Pūkenga to show the relationship between the two, and that we are now part of a nation-wide Te Pūkenga whānau.

New learners will enrol with Te Pūkenga

From 2023, you will benefit from a network-wide range of opportunities including by location, modes of learning (online, on campus and on-the-job) and programme. At Unitec are usual enrolment processes will still be in place, with systems, forms and platforms that may be co-branded. However from 2023 all learners will be enrolled with Te Pūkenga.

New learners will be awarded Te Pūkenga certification

In 2023, if you are part-way through your qualification, you’ll be awarded co-branded Te Pūkenga certification with Unitec. If you are a new learner and start your qualification in 2023 you will be awarded sole Te Pūkenga certification.

Campus and course material will look much more like Te Pūkenga

Co-branding will be used as we transition from Unitec to Te Pūkenga, you will see more of the new Te Pūkenga logo and branding across our campuses from 2023 onwards.

Better support for all learners

Māori, Pasifika, and disabled learners will be able to access new and enhanced mentoring and early out-reach/connection services which focus on increased access, participation, and retention. We are starting with these learner cohorts as they are currently underserved and we want all our communities to thrive.. 

Questions and answers

Answers to some common questions about Te Pūkenga and how things will work as Unitec transtitions to Te Pūkenga in 2023.

General questions about Te Pūkenga

What is Te Pūkenga?
Te Pūkenga is New Zealand’s largest tertiary education provider delivering vocational skills training throughout the country. Unitec is part of Te Pūkenga. From 1 January 2023, all Unitec learners will be enrolled with Te Pūkenga.

What are the main differences between Unitec and Te Pūkenga?
We are part of a network of providers across the motu, including campus-based, work-based and online learning. Together, we are changing the model from that of a regionally-focused set of competing providers to a more flexible, cohesive and sustainable system that better meets the needs of learners, their communities, iwi and industry – now and in the future.

What makes Te Pūkenga unique and different? Why choose to study here?
This is a chance to be part of a new conversation and way of learning – moving from what you are studying and where you are studying to ways of learning more in tune with where the world is heading. We are shifting from fitting life around learning, to learning that fits around you our learners and what is important in your world, and throughout your lifetime.

What does the name Te Pūkenga mean?
In te reo Māori, Te Pūkenga means to be proficient, expert or skilled in particular roles.

Why should I choose vocational education over other tertiary training?
Vocational education provides real-world learning connected to industry, preparing you as a learner for a high-value career in an essential field. We take great pride in connecting graduates to employment and providing opportunities for learners to upskill while you are in the workforce. Unitec graduates are in high demand with employers from a range of industries, with most of our graduates progressing to employment or further study.

What happens to the values / kaupapa of each provider? Do they change and if so what to?
Unirec are working closely with Te Pūkenga on a piece of mahi to understand the values that Unitec adheres to and how these might be reflected and described in the future. For Unitec, Te Whare Wānanga o Wairaka, we continue to uphold Te Noho Kotahitanga as the foundation of all we do.


Who do I call to enrol?
For enrolment in 2023, you can continue to contact us.

What if I am a new learner?
In 2023, new learners will be enrolled by Te Pūkenga.

What changes will I begin to notice with advertising?
A nationwide Te Pūkenga recruitment campaign for learners will be in place from August 2022. This campaign will have the new Te Pūkenga look and feel, but will be co-branded with Unitec and Te Pūkenga to show the relationship between the two, and that we are now part of a nation-wide Te Pūkenga whānau. 

Will the person who answers the phone be familiar with the current Unitec sites and communities?
Yes, our friendly teams are still based locally and can help you with any queries or information.


How reputable will my qualification be in the job market?
Te Pūkenga learners will graduate with the strength and credibility of the country’s largest tertiary provider behind them.

What will it say on my certificate, diploma or degree? Te Pūkenga or Unitec?
In 2023, if you are part-way through your qualification, you’ll be awarded co-branded Te Pūkenga certification with Unitec. If you are a new learner and start your qualification in 2023 you will be awarded sole Te Pūkenga certification

Is the qualification I get from Te Pūkenga that same standard as those issued by Unitec?
Yes. We are moving to implement the availability of consistent programmes across the motu to support our learners.
Over time, most programmes will transition to a common programme from within our network, which is in line with to our charter.

How are qualifications changing under Te Pūkenga?
For a small number of qualifications, we are working on developing new programmes in collaboration with subject matter from our network.
This will means that you are learning the latest, most up-to-date skills, developed in partnership with industry and with input from (where appropriate):

  • Centres of Vocational Excellence. 
  • Workforce Development Councils. 
  • Regional Skills Groups.

This ensures that you are gaining the relevant skills that best meet regional and national industry requirements, leading to a sustainable, high-value career in an essential workforce.

What does the end of Unitec issuing qualifications mean for the status of the degrees, diplomas and certificates issued by those institutes previously?
This change does not in any way affect existing qualifications.

Academic Year

Will the school dates be the same across all Te Pūkenga sites?
Initially, there will be differences These may change over time as we move towards a more unified network.

Study Support

Will scholarships granted by Unitec be honoured by Te Pūkenga?
Any scholarships granted will be honoured by Te Pūkenga.

Do Te Pūkenga students qualify for tertiary students’ public transport discounts?
There will be no change to public transport discounts over the transition period.

What happens to StudyLink through the transition period?
There will be no impact to StudyLink during the transition period.

Study Locations

Where do I study?
The intention of Te Pūkenga is to open up more study options, in more locations to more learners – and to enable them to move seamlessly between locations and modes of learning, whether that is on-campus, online or on-the-job.

Can I start studying at one location and simply change to another easily?
This will take time to put in place, but you will start to see changes from 2023.

If I have applied or commenced study with Unitec does that mean I am a student of the provider or a Te Pūkenga learner?
From 2023, all learners will be enrolled or signed-up with Te Pūkenga.

Can local and international learners begin at one location and move to another, part-way through their study to complete a qualification?
From 2023, you will start to see a greater range of learning options available to you, as well as some consistent national programmes. Your learning will also start to align to different industry groups through Ako (Learning) Networks.

Can I attend lectures for the same Te Pūkenga course at different locations and is the timetable the same? Can I use the services at different Te Pūkenga locations?
That is our longer term goal, but it will take time to fully implement this level of flexibility and seamlessness of delivery. At this stage, we are focused on setting the foundations to deliver our vision of success for all learners. From 2023, you can start to connect into national and local learner networks and join learner / student associations across Aotearoa.

Does Te Pūkenga offer online programmes?
Te Pūkenga will continue to offer a range of fully online programmes from 2023 onwards.

Equity in Education

How will diversity and inclusion be demonstrated?
A relentless focus on equity, ensuring participation, honouring and upholding the values of Te Tiriti o Waitangi is a priority for Te Pūkenga. This mahi is guided by Te Pae Tawhiti – Te Tiriti o Waitangi Excellence framework. Te Rito Outcomes Framework has been developed to support equity action plans throughout Aotearoa.

Initially, what engagement is planned for ākonga Māori?
In 2023, you will be able to participate in early whakawhanaungatanga activities and interactions that build meaningful connections and a sense of belonging for you and your whānau.

Your enrolment will offer the opportunity to connect back to your iwi/hapū if you wish.

Māori may shape a new outcomes framework and measures for Te Pūkenga. Māori learner-specific strategies and action plans ensure Māori success.

What is being done to ensure that we transition the kōrero of Wairaka and that our purākau are continued? How can we retain our whakapapa connecting the two so that it is not diminished?
Te Manu Tioro Tionga is currently underway. The project takes a tikanga Māori approach to Taonga Māori embedded in our current Unitec Te Whare Wānanga o Wairaka branding. We will be sharing more on this important mahi in the future.

What are the first steps to engagement with Pasifika learners?
Pacsifika mentoring initiatives will be available to you, co-designed with our Pasifika fanau from across the network.

You will also be able to connect with local and national Pasifika learner and staff networks.

How can disabled learners engage with the network?
You will be able to connect with disabled support staff and learner networks.


How are these changes going to be reflected in the branding of subsidiaries like Unitec?
From May 2022, you will start to see co-branded communications and other materials. This means you will see Te Pūkenga logo next to the Unitec logo.

What changes will we notice over this year?
Over the course of 2022 and into early 2023 you will see an increasing amount of Te Pūkenga branding as we move towards a single brand.

How will the different study locations be identified under Te Pūkenga branding?
Some of the detail of how things will work in practice is still being finalised. At the present time, you can keep engaging with us as you currently do, and we will keep you updated as things change.

International Learners

How will Te Pūkenga be known in the international market?
In International markets, our legal name will be: Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology.

What type of education will Te Pūkenga be offering?
Te Pūkenga offers applied skills training in a variety of essential fields with learners working towards qualifications ranging from certificate to post-graduate level.

How will international students know they can have confidence in Te Pūkenga?
All of our existing programmes are NZQA-approved and will continue to be nationally and internationally recognised, as is the case with the programmes from our network.
An International Strategy will be implemented across Te Pūkenga and we will start to implement a brand awareness campaign and introduce ourselves internationally in 2022.

How will the needs and concerns of international learners be represented nationally?
International learners will be represented at the governance level on Te Pūkenga learner advisory committee.

Student Voice

Will there be a Student Council for Te Pūkenga? If so, how will this be organised? Will there be one for each location or will there be a national council?
Te Pūkenga Interim Learner Advisory Committee was established in 2021 to provide advice to Council on keeping the needs of learners at the heart of everything we do.
A member of this committee also sits on Te Pūkenga Council.
A permanent committee will be appointed in 2023 with regional representatives.

Industry partners

How do employers connect with Te Pūkenga?
Local partner relationships and agreements that exist will continue to be upheld, nurtured and managed at a local level.

An Employer Engagement Framework will embed a strong industry and employer voice within Te Pūkenga at both a national and regional level.

We work with your business and industry to identify the unique needs and trends that affect you and develop fit-for-purpose responses.

A co-designed toolkit currently under development will help you develop more capabilities to assist with teaching and learning across a diverse range of learners in an inclusive work environment.

What does a Te Pūkenga qualification mean, relative to the current ones I see from Unitec?
The changes do not affect existing qualifications.

We are moving to implement the availability of consistent programmes across the motu to support our learners.

Over time, most programmes will transition to a single common programme from within our network, which is in line with our charter. 

How will the work done with subsidiaries to develop qualifications be recognised in Te Pūkenga programmes?
For a small number of qualifications we are working on developing new programmes in collaboration with subject matter experts from our network.

This will mean that you will be learning the latest, most up-to-date skills, developed in partnership with industry and with input from (where appropriate):

  • Centres of Vocational Excellence.
  • Workforce Development Councils.
  • Regional Skills Groups.
  • Māori.
  • Underserved learners.
  • Subject matter experts.
  • Communities.
  • Professional groups.