Applying to graduate is a formal process whereby all graduands are officially confirmed by Unitec Institute of Technology's Academic Board and Council. Without an application form, we cannot process your graduation certificate.

If you think you are eligible to be awarded your certificate or diploma, or to have your degree, masters, or PhD conferred, you will need to complete the online Graduation Application form.

Note: The application form needs to be completed by all students who want to graduate, whether attending a graduation ceremony or choosing to graduate in absentia (where you are unable to attend the ceremony and you would like your certificate posted out to you). The application form is usually available from October to January (for autumn graduation) each year.

If you require a letter of completion that confirms you have completed the requirements of your course before you receive your graduation certificate, you can fill out the Request for Confirmation form.

Your Request for Confirmation will be processed within 10 working days from when your request is received.

For more details visit our Graduation webpage.