Technology & Built Environment

Working in a trade has the potential to earn you the kind of money you’ve probably only ever dreamt about. It definitely beats being stuck behind a desk all day, and no two jobs are ever the same. Whether you’re a builder, mechanic, electrician or plumber, you constantly get to meet new people, discover new challenges, and pick up a new skill or two.

Likewise, being a civil engineer, surveyor, boat designer or construction manager can give you transferable, tangible skills.


Administration and leadership staff list for Faculty of Technology & Built Environment.


Exciting Employment Opportunities for Unitec Students

The IBM Delivery Centre is now taking applications for ‘Delivery Centre Consultant’ roles. These are a range of exciting part-times roles available only to Unitec students.

Find out more about the IBM Delivery Centre and job opportunities.

Last edited: 18 April 2013