Natural Sciences

We're pretty passionate people. Especially when it comes to animals or the environment. We're not hiding it either. Wherever you are in the Department of Natural Sciences it's clear we care about animals and biodiversity. A pig here. A turtle there. Some native plants across the hall. It's painted all over our walls and there's the occasional four-legged visitor too. It's no secret: we love the natural world and want to protect it.

Auckland Zoo, the Department of Conservation (DOC), MPI Biosecurity and the Auckland SPCA are all in our address book – as are zoos in Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and other parts of New Zealand. Study animal health and welfare, or biodiversity management and you can spend many hours with these fellow animal lovers and ecologists during work experience placements. You will also see a lot of our small animal unit, and animal handling and training facilities.

Study veterinary nursing and you'll work on real cases at the Unitec Veterinary Hospital and Veterinary Specialist Group. Both right here on campus. But before we let you loose on real patients, there'll be plenty of time at the Simulation Vet Clinic. It's the first simulated veterinary teaching clinic in the country and it's a great place to practise, practise, practise.

You'll get plenty of support. Unique to our Department is the Kaiakopono Programme, a mentoring service for Māori and Polynesian students. It's tailored to your course requirements, and includes individual and group tuition, peer mentoring and whānau support.

Leave some time for research projects too. Our staff are experts in animal care, animal behaviour and welfare, biosecurity, canine behaviour and training, conservation, veterinary nursing and zookeeping. Go ahead, join them. Help them find better ways to protect new Zealand's special flora and fauna.


Natural Sciences programmes

If you’re just getting started:

Or, our Bridgepoint foundation education programmes can get you ready to apply for certificate, diploma or degree level study. Find out more about Bridgepoint programmes on offer.

If you’re interested in animal management and welfare:

If you want to work with dogs:

 If you’re interested in veterinary nursing:

If you’re interested in zookeeping and want to become a zookeeper:

If you want to become an animal welfare investigator:

If you’re interested in conservation, biodiversity, and biosecurity:

If you're interested in presenting research in biological sciences:

Other programmes

Find out about studying horticulture at Unitec's Mt Albert campus


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