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Speaking more than one language makes life much easier. It's useful if you're travelling or want to talk to someone from another country. And if you've come to New Zealand to work or study, you need good English skills to really enjoy your life here.

Study at the Department of Language Studies and we will help you to learn the language fluently. You can train to be a language teacher or an interpreter, enrol in a short course in an international language, learn te reo Māori, or take English classes at all levels (from beginners to advanced). Don't worry, we help you find the level that's right for you – English language students are given a placement test before they start, to make sure they're in the right class. Some of our english language programmes and language teacher programmes also include work experience.

You'll feel right at home. Our students come from many different backgrounds and cultures. There are shared lunches, welcome ceremonies for new students, and student advisers who look after our international, refugee and permanent resident students. And you get one-on-one attention from our experienced and supportive lecturers.

Don't just learn from the textbook – practise your new skills in our computer labs, language labs and Language Learning Centre. There's also our award-winning IELTS Test Centre, where english language students can take the IELTS test right here on campus.


Language Studies programmes

If you want to improve your English:

 If you want to become a language teacher:

Professional development for language teachers:

 If you want to learn an international language:

If you want to learn te reo Maori:

If you’re interested in interpreting:


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