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Unitec’s construction management programmes give you the skills and knowledge to plan and run building projects. You’ll learn how to put together a building programme, schedule activities on a construction site, and coordinate the supply of materials and machinery. It’s great preparation for a career as a site manager, construction manager or project manager.

Study construction management and you’ll also learn best practice for the industry. You’ll find out why quality management systems are important and become familiar with resource planning. Our programmes reflect current trends and legislation, which will give you the knowledge you need once you’re out in the workplace. We have integrated Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes as part of our courses; you will learn the basics of BIM and VDC and how to apply them on construction management activities.

And if you’re already working in the industry, we can develop your skills in team leadership and complex problem-solving.

Programmes and study path

Start with a programme that suits your qualifications and/or experience, then progress to a level that achieves your goals.
New Zealand Certificate in Construction Related Trades (Supervisor)46 months full-time. Part-time options available.Business Owners/Operators, Construction Assistant, Construction Co-ordinator, Contract administrator, Assistant Project ManagerFebruary or July
New Zealand Certificate in Construction Related Trades (Main Contract Supervision)5Part-timeMain Contract Supervisor, Business Owners/OperatorsFebruary or July
New Zealand Diploma in Architectural Technology6Full-time for two years or part-time options availableArchitectural technician, Architectural designer, Senior architectural designer, Architect, Urban designer, Landscape architect, Design manager, Consultant design practice ownerFebruary or July
New Zealand Diploma in Construction6Full-time for two years or part-time options availableConstruction Management technician, Quantity surveyorFebruary or July
Bachelor of Construction (Construction Management)7Domestic students: Full-time for two years and then part-time for two years or as negotiated on a case-by-case basis (based on a February start). International students: 3 years full time.Construction site manager, Project manager, Project planner, Property developerFebruary or July
Graduate Diploma in Construction Project Management7Full-time for three semesters (including 2 x 2-week block courses per semester)Site manager, Project manager, Construction managerFebruary or July

Short courses

Start with a short course that suits your qualifications and/or experience, then progress to a level that achieves your goals.
Short coursesDURATION 
Introduction to AutoCAD Professional Level1This intensive course covers all Professional Level I AutoCAD two-dimensional drawing fundamentals. Topics are presented with hands-on laboratory exercises to develop your confidence with the latest version of AutoCAD.
Advanced Revit TechniquesA course designed to build on existing knowledge and practical skills with Revit Architecture and to develop skills in enhanced graphical and rendered Revit presentation views.

Industry contacts

Our Bachelor of Construction (Construction Management) is accredited by the New Zealand Institute of Building and we work closely with lots of the big players in construction.

  • Arrow International
  • Aspec
  • Beca
  • Davis Langdon
  • Fletcher
  • Hawkins Construction
  • Jasmax
  • Kalmar
  • NZStrong
  • Rider Bucknell Levett
  • Stephenson & Turner

Industry opportunities

Study construction management and you might get to team up with a senior construction management for a year, thanks to our mentoring scheme with the New Zealand Institute of Building. The New Zealand Institute of Building also sponsors a number of student awards each year.

Professional Development Services by Unitec

No matter how New Zealand construction and infrastructure grows or changes, business success will always be a result of its staff and their ability to adapt, minimise risk and improve productivity.
How is your organisation adapting to the current environment and innovating for the future?
Professional Training Services by Unitec offer programmes designed for teams in the industry to share knowledge and develop the skills needed to become agents of innovation and change, build their professionalism and refresh their passion of the field.
View our training options below. To discuss the opportunities and solutions that will maximise the return on learning for your organisation, please contact our partnerships team.


Construction Site Management Training Programme (Level 5)

This Level 5 training programme is designed for teams currently employed in the construction industry who are looking to move into supervisory roles. It will build on their current practical construction knowledge and add the following key basic skills and knowledge to support a move into supervision and responsibility within the construction industry:

• Construction planning 1
• Contract and compliance application
• Procurement processes and implications
• Communication for the construction industry
• In-depth construction methodology

Find out more about this programme.

Advanced Construction Site Management Training Programme (Level 6)

Are you looking to extend the knowledge and capability of your team/s? This Level 6 training programme introduces your team to develop new specialist knowledge in these subject areas:

• Advanced Construction Planning Techniques
• Contract administration and commercial management
• The principles of risk management
• Quality assurance and quality control
• Design management principles
• Innovation in construction

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Construction Management Training Programme (Level 7)

Upskill your team of supervisory staff to have in-depth knowledge and skills in the best practices in planning and management, new construction management practices built on Lean Construction principles, the software associated with Building Information Modelling (BIM) and provide insight into the latest construction management practice.

The practical application in the delivery and in the assessments of this training programme are of immediate direct benefit to their current positions improving their capabilities as supervisors with a flow on effect to their teams.

The two-day block courses are spread over the year duration of this programme to allow the participants to adopt the skills and knowledge taught while carrying out their role in the industry.