Accommodation in Auckland

Permanent accommodation

Unitec provides homestay options

The Residential Village accommodation is also available and information can be found here.

Temporary accommodation

If you don't have family or friends in Auckland to stay with, you can arrange temporary accommodation before you arrive and look for a longer-term place once you get here. Check the following options:

  • Unistay - situated by the Pt Chevalier shopping centre, UniStay is a totally renovated, historic building with 26 fully furnished rooms.
  • Auckland Accommodation Group  - the Dossah and KDV properties are within a few minutes of Unitec, convenient to a shopping mall and public transport, and they have both short and long-term accommodation.
  • Hostel World - a variety of hostel accommodation across Auckland which you can book and pay for before you arrive in Auckland.
  • Mt Albert Lodge - this motel is a 5-minute walk from Unitec.
  • Mt Albert Motor Inn - this motel is about 20 minutes walk from Unitec.

Look online

Both Real Estate NZ and TradeMe websites have search engines for rental properties so you can get an idea of what is currently available and the prices being charged.

Suburbs that are close to Unitec are Mt Albert, Mt Roskill, Sandringham, St Lukes, Point Chevalier, City Centre, New Lynn and Avondale.