Student Advocates

If you’d prefer to seek advice that’s independent of Unitec, our Student Advocates are here to help.

Student Advocates offer all students free and confidential advice. They can help you tackle academic or personal issues that you might experience during your studies.  

Feel free to contact a Student Advocate if you:

  • Experience a problem with Unitec’s teaching or administration
  • Have legal issues – personal or academic
  • Feel you’ve been treated unfairly
  • Have concerns about the quality of your programme
  • Disagree with your grade and want help to appeal it
  • Would like help applying for special consideration, if you feel you need it
  • Want to know how to voice a concern to Unitec
  • Want to learn about your legal rights as a student.

Contact a Student Advocate
Student Advocates are available at the Waitakere campus every Tuesday and Thursday. They can also come to the Northern campus, by appointment.

Phone: 09 815 4321 ext 7386
Visit: Building 180 - Room 1085, Mt Albert campus

Student-related policies
Unitec has a number of policies that cover all aspects of the student experience. Find out what the policies are on our Rules & Policies page, and what they mean for you as a student.

Last edited: 15 February 2013