Student Reps

Student Representatives are elected by students each year. It’s their job to act on your behalf and raise your views on all kinds of issues. They can help you make positive changes at Unitec, so you get the experience and support you expect while you study.

Whether you want more seats in your classroom, better student services, or the chance to talk directly to the Chief Executive, Student Representatives will make sure your feedback is heard by the right people, and try to get the answers or the action that you want.

The Student Rep system is there to make sure you have a say in decision making at Unitec. Student Reps work at class, department, faculty and governance level, so that your voice is heard at all levels of Unitec - from the classroom to the boardroom.

Student Council

The Student Council is the highest level of Student Representation at Unitec. The Council is made up of the Student President, Student Reps for each faculty, a Māori Rep, Pacific Student Rep, and an International Rep. The Student Council is here to represent the entire student body at Unitec. 

Elections for Student Council positions happen in September, and every Unitec student is eligible to vote or run for a position. 

Student Council sit on lots of different Faculty Academic Committees and Sub-Committees. They also meet with Unitec's Senior Leadership Team and Programme Leaders to represent the voice and views of students on important decisions here at Unitec.

Read more about your current 2014 Unitec Student Council representatives and get regular updates on what Student Council are up to on Student Media.

Student President - Ben Kevey

Social and Health Sciences Rep - Matalena O'Mara
Creative Industries and Business Rep - Sonia Carter-Armani
Technology and Built Environment Rep - Marcus Tollemache
Māori Rep – Christina Pakeho-Harris
Pacific Rep – Noleen Dayal
International Rep – Anuksha Singh

Contact Student Council: 

Class Reps

For most classes or programmes at Unitec, you’ll be able to elect a Student Rep. Your lecturer will arrange the election to happen in the first few weeks of class.

You can nominate others in your class, or even put yourself forward to run in the Student Rep elections.

You can go to your Class Rep with any concerns, suggestions or feedback you have about your class. They are trained to find a solution, or to take the feedback to someone who can help. All reps have the support of the Student Rep Coordinator, Student Advocates and higher levels of Student Reps. Student Reps meet regularly to discuss feedback they are getting from students.

Contact Student Reps

Email or phone 0800 10 95 10 ext 7380 to find out how you can get involved as a Student Rep.

Or, share your views and ideas for change at Unitec on our Unitec Student Media Facebook group, or leave a comment for Student Council at Unitec Student Media online.

Last edited: 25 February 2014