Study accounting and finance and develop the business skills that every company needs. With opportunities to learn from the industry, you’ll get hands-on experience to launch your career from.
Love performing? Learn how to bring films, commercials and plays to life with an acting course at the biggest performing and screen arts department in the country.
Canine behaviour, zoo-keeping, or vet nursing - our animal welfare courses show you how to care for animals in lots of different settings.
Study architecture and learn how to enhance the urban environment with buildings that are smart, sustainable and inspiring.
Get ready for a career as a mechanic, automotive engineer or auto electrician with a hands-on course that includes lots of time in the workshop.
Enjoy working with your hands? Train as a carpenter or builder and make the most of the job opportunities in the construction industry.
Train as a civil engineer and get ready to work on the landmarks and infrastructure projects that shape our cities.
Want to work with your community and make a difference to people’s lives? Study social work or community development and learn how to create positive change.
Study youth work or community service and learn how to communicate effectively in a range of social settings. Build the confidence you need to make postitive changes that last.
From better security for computer networks to new mobile apps, test your ideas with practical assignments and applied postgraduate research.
Learn how to examine ecosystems and advise on the management of land - great preparation for a career protecting the environment.
Learn how to organise, manage and control a construction site to ensure big projects are completed on time and budget.
Train as a contemporary dancer and learn from industry professionals at the biggest performing and screen arts department in New Zealand.
Learn how to get the best out of young children and develop your skills during work placements at early childhood education centres.
Find out how you can get more out of your learners, or take your education career to the next level. Our education studies courses will keep your skills current and...
Learn how to test circuits, repair faults and connect electric motors. It's great preparation for an apprenticeship as an electrician.
Study English and improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills ready for a job or a study programme.
From charity auctions to award ceremonies, learn how to plan and manage great events so they run smoothly and successfully.