Research at Unitec

At Unitec we believe that research is an integral part of what we do. Our research is applied, useful and integrated – providing real value and impact for our local community, our stakeholders and our wider industry partners.

We play a key role in spreading knowledge and transferring technology in New Zealand. Across our campus staff and student researchers are investigating topics from a range of disciplines − from nursing and architecture to computing and construction. The topics are as diverse as the areas in which we teach; the common factor is their focus on creating research that has a concrete output for the world around us.

Our staff are active in research in order to develop advanced thought and practice in their field, to invigorate their critical thinking skills, and to maintain the currency of their knowledge. But the practice of innovative research also has huge benefits for our students, who by extension become work-ready and skilled in the latest theory and practice within their chosen profession.

The Research Office and Postgraduate Centre is the glue that binds the research activity at Unitec together. It supports both staff and student research and provides a vital link for outside organisations who wish to work with our researchers. We are here to help our staff and students and our other research partners achieve their research goals.

Research Publications

Advance magazine comes out three times a year and showcases the range of research that is happening at Unitec. The ePress publishes ebooks on a variety of research topics from our staff across campus. The Research Report shows all the outputs from research at Unitec, including journal articles, papers, book chapters, conferences, exhibitions and performances.