How do I apply to study at Unitec?

The fastest and easiest way is to apply online, and we recommend doing it early! If you are facing issues with our online application then please contact us or visit us in person and our friendly staff will help you out throughout the process

Once you submit an online application, you will be sent an email with your student ID number, login ID and password to the student application dashboard. If you have misplaced this email you can call us on 0800 10 95 10 or +64 9 8154321 and we'll look into it for you

Please note short courses use the Short Course Enrolment application form. Please check our website for the specific course you want and use the associated application/re-enrolment form.

If you are not applying as a domestic student (citizens of NZ, including students from the Cook Islands, Tokelau, or Niue who have New Zealand citizenship, or a permanent resident of New Zealand, or a citizen or permanent resident of Australia residing in New Zealand), please visit our International Students section on the website.