Auckland + New Zealand ( Aotearoa)

New Zealand is a land of contrasts - national parks, mountains, beaches, and modern vibrant cities! Our unique and dynamic culture reflects Maori, Pacific Island, European and Asian influences.

New Zealanders are friendly, welcoming people who are practical, value individuality and are quite relaxed. Studying in New Zealand will give you the chance to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in a country or rare natural beauty. Learn more at New Zealand 100% Pure site.

The official languages in New Zealand are English, Māori and Sign Language. English is commonly used for business, instruction and everyday use.

New Zealand is a parliamentary democracy and there is a general election held every three years.  New Zealand's economy is diverse and part of our export economy relates to the export of meat, fruit, dairy and forestry products. New Zealand also has a strong reputation for excellence and innovation in areas ranging from Film (The Lord of the Rings) and Design to Biotechnology and IT.

Auckland City (Tamaki Makau Rau)

Located in the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland is New Zealand’s biggest city – around one third of the population lives here, about 1.4 million people. It’s also the largest Polynesian city in the world.  New Zealand is a secular society and Auckland, the biggest city, is home to people from many cultures. You’ll find centres of worship for most religions throughout Auckland.  We celebrate Christian holidays, such as Christmas and Easter as well as Diwali and Chinese New Year and have festivals for many other cultures and religions throughout the year.

As New Zealand’s largest city, there is always something happening with a huge range of diverse activities such as dance, music events, film festivals, yachting, cultural festivals, exhibitions and sporting events. To learn more visit Auckland Tourism site.  Did you know? At 328 metres high, Auckland’s iconic Sky Tower is the tallest building in New Zealand. You can even bungy jump off the tower...

Auckland has a mild, temperate climate with four seasons. Summers from November to March are warm with average temperatures of 20 – 28ºC. Winter is relatively mild with temperatures averaging from 6 – 15ºC, however great ski slopes are only four hours drive away. Spring is changeable and windy, and like autumn, temperatures range from 15 – 20ºC.

Transport Around Auckland

There are numerous ways of moving around the city including excellent bus and train services. For more information, visit the Maxx site.


Last edited: 19 February 2014