Unitec’s Dr Scott Wilson announced Fulbright’s 2013 Visiting Scholar!

23 October 2012

Unitec’s Senior Lecturer for the Department of Performing and Screen Arts, Dr Scott Wilson has been granted a Fulbright Award in which he will be the 2013 Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Australian and New Zealand Studies at Georgetown University in Washington DC, United States.

The Fulbright Programme aims to promote understanding of different countries and cultures through scholar and student exchange.  The Programme operates in around 150 countries and funds about 6,000 exchanges annually for recipients to study, teach and research in another country. 

“The purpose of the Fulbright award is to promote inter-cultural exchange and understanding,” explains Scott.

Fulbright New Zealand works in collaboration with the New Zealand and United States governments in funding the programme, where 35 student and 35 scholar awards are granted each year.  Since the initiative began in 1946, New Zealand has sent more than 1,500 graduate students, academics, professionals and artists to the US, and has welcomed more than 1,200 Americans into New Zealand.

Fulbright New Zealand offers two main types of award programmes, one for graduate students and the other for more advanced academics, professionals and artists.  Recipients are selected for their achievements and excellence in their individual fields, their leadership and ambassadorial qualities and potential impacts their exchange activities have on the hosting country.

The 2013 Fulbright Visiting Scholar award means that Scott will have the opportunity to learn about the many cultures residing in the US, and to build and maintain friendships and professional relationships with those with whom he interacts during his visit in the US. 

“I'll be teaching a course called ‘New Zealand Cinema and National Identity’, exploring the manner with which NZ cinema articulates various concepts related to national identity for both national and international audiences.  At the same time, I'll be engaging in a book-length research project looking at the international reception of NZ cinema,” says Scott. 

The skills and experience Scott brings back will also prove beneficial to Unitec as he can share what he has learned and experienced first-hand, with students and fellow colleagues. 

Says Scott, “The programme is important for students and scholars interested in participating in the exchange, as it brings the world together through education, culture and common understanding.”

For more information about the Fulbright Programme, go to www.fulbright.org.nz


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