'Lights, Camera, Action' for EV Builders Project 2012

18 October 2012

The EV Builders Project aimed to create a documentary on the making of an electrically-powered car. They took a gas-powered 1990 Toyota Sera and converted it into a 100% electric prodigy.

This DIY documentary was hosted by Theo Gibson, a computer and video technician in Unitec’s Department of Performing and Screen Arts.  The project was done in collaboration with Sebastian Telfer and Chris Armstrong, with the aim of engaging their audience by running through the exact process of converting gas cars to electric. 

The documentary helped raise awareness of the environmental benefits and the sustainability of electric vehicles in comparison to gas powered vehicles, and the EV Builders Project team was awarded $2,500 toward getting the project up and running.

The EV conversion experiment proved a success.  It was recently granted its Warrant of Fitness to be driven safely and legally on New Zealand roads.  It also explored and promoted the work of other local individuals and organisations who along with EV Builders are committed to sustainability in New Zealand.

The electric car was showcased at The Auckland Electric Vehicle Expo on October 13 this year.  The event drew a great crowd and gave the EV Builders Project team the opportunity to screen the first episode of their documentary to an audience, and inspired the change of ideas and opinions in the process.

This year the expo was presented in conjunction with the newly formed Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV), and sponsored by a number of organisations including Unitec Institute of Technology.

“I would like to thank everyone who has been directly involved in the EV Builders Project.  I received so much help from my family, partner, and amazing sponsors,” says Theo.

With the motivation to encourage a world of sustainability with the rise of electric cars, Theo and his team hope to continue hosting future EV events to raise awareness, answer questions, open live discussions, exhibit a range of newly developed electric vehicles, and become internationally recognised for their efforts.

For more information regarding EV Builders go to www.evbuilders.com or to find out more about their experience at the 2012 The Auckland Electric Vehicle Expo, go to http://www.evbuilders.com/expo-2012.htm


Articles and photos are copyright to Unitec Institute of Technology.