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How do I get into an apprenticeship?

Most employers in the building industry prefer apprentices who have completed the Certificate in Applied Technology (Carpentry), as the knowledge and skills you've gained will enable you to increase your practical skills, your critical thinking and problem-solving ability. You'll then be ready to begin working for an employer and complete the on-the-job training and study towards your apprenticeship.

How long will an apprenticeship take?

To be recognised as a fully competent builder, you need to become an apprentice carpenter and complete a minimum of 8,000 hours of theory and practical work experience.

How can Unitec prepare me for an apprenticeship?

To prepare you for an apprenticeship in the building industry, we recommend you study the Certificate in Applied Technology (Carpentry) full-time, attending classes three days per week for one year. Once you've successfully completed this programme, you'll be ready to start working alongside an employer as an apprentice carpenter.

The Unitec Apprenticeship Training Trust offers certificate and diploma carpentry students who show a high level of competency, employment opportunities within the building industry. The Trust partners apprentices with employers to ensure that a successful outcome is achieved for the duration of the apprenticeship training.

What if I'm already working in the industry?

If you've already set up an apprenticeship agreement with an employer you can earn while you learn, studying one the following programmes as a part-time student:

  • Certificate in Applied Technology (Carpentry) - Study one day a week for one year while completing all practical components in your workplace. You'll earn 2,000 hours towards your apprenticeship qualification. After you've completed the Certificate in Applied Technology (Carpentry), we recommend that you step up to the Diploma in Applied Technology (Building).
  • Diploma in Applied Technology (Building) - Study part-time, attending classes one day a week for three years, and continue (or start) working as an apprentice in the building industry. Once you've completed a minimum of 6,000 hours of theory and on-the-job practical experience you'll be eligible to graduate as a qualified builder.


Hear from Unitec student Tuiti about how he combines study at Unitec with his on-site practical experience.

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