Copy Centre

The Unitec Copy Centre offers a full range of services to students, staff and the public. We also offer monthly specials.

We can assist you with photocopying, colour copying, wide format plan printing, poster printing, laminating and binding and desktop publishing. We can download graphic files from CD and USB drives to our laser printers.

We also stock a wide range of paper and card samples, as well as all Unitec stationery.

Autoloaders are situated in the Copy Centre, Main Library, Postgraduate Centre, Building 1 Library and in the Waitakere Campus Library. You can use these to load credit for photocopying onto your student ID card.


Where Building 117, Mt Albert campus
Hours Monday to Thursday, 8.30am - 5.00pm
Friday, 8.30am - 4.00pm

Copy Centre
Phone +64 9 815 4315


Important messages

Nursing and Accounting text books

The Copy Centre has taken over the disbursement of Nursing and Accounting text books from the Bookshop. Please read about the ordering instructions for the new process.

Print queues

The print queue purge time for all printers at Unitec has been reduced from 24 hours to 4 hours. This means you will need to release the documents you wish to print within 4 hours of sending them to the print queue. You will not be charged if items sent to print are deleted (purged) from the queue before you release them.

Reason for the change: The backlog of jobs held in the print queue is impacting performance of the entire printing system. Our supplier Konica Minolta, has recommended that large organisations (with heavy printing volumes) set their queue time to 4 hours to maintain a fluid workflow, while giving users a reasonable amount of time to collect their print jobs (half a day is generally considered reasonable).


Last edited: 24 September 2013