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Denisa Hebblethwaite

Senior Lecturer
School of Applied Business
Location: Building 54, Room 2005


MPhil (1st Class Hons) AUT, BBus Sci (Hons) (Marketing) UCT., CertHE Unitec

Professional memberships

Marketing Association (NZ)

New Zealand Association of Co-opertaive Education - Board Memeber

Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand


Denisa joined Unitec in 2006 as a marketing lecturer. She has substantial marketing management experience and has held managerial positions for companies such as Unilever, Danone Int. and Healtheries New Zealand as well as run her own beverage business. For the last 10 years in addition to being a marketing lecturer Denisa has run the Industry Based Learning (IBL) internship course for the Bachelor of Business, GDBus and GDPA programmes. She is a board member of the New Zealand Association of Co-operative Education and has forged strong relationships with many industry partners for Unitec.

Denisa is also an active researcher in two discipline areas : Consumer Behaviour within the Retail Environment and Work Integrated Learning ( WIL) and has published her  thesis work in the European Journal of Marketing.

Denisa believes in experiential learning and always ensures that students work on real industry projects in her classes. 


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