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Dr David Turner

Senior Lecturer
School of Architecture
Location: Building 48, Room 2016


B.Arch (Hons), MA (Urb. Des.)(Manchester), PhD (Auckland)

Professional memberships

NZIA Academic Member

Architects Registration Board (UK) 


David has taught and practised architecture in the UK and New Zealand. Originally from Dunedin, he graduated from Manchester University and taught in the School of Architecture there until moving into practice with the Building Design Partnership for two years. He was accepted onto the post-graduate Urban Design Programme at Manchester in 1976, and completed a thesis on dockland regeneration based on Bristol’s 18thC floating harbour.

With a small team, David won a competition for a town centre redevelopment project in southern England, and set up a practice in the city of Bath. The practice developed a reputation in urban planning and architecture including a second competition-winning project in 1983 for a mixed commercial + ‘hi-tech’ industries business scheme in the regeneration of the London Docklands. Urban workplace architecture became one focus of the practice alongside housing and conservation projects, many of them in historic British cities. The practice, re-named Tektus in 1985 was taken over by one of Britain’s largest consultancies in 2005.

In 1994 David returned to New Zealand to join the staff of the new School of Architecture at Unitec. In the architecture programme he has developed courses for environmentally sustainable construction, an innovative approach to design economics, and has taught urban planning and design in the undergraduate programme. In the postgraduate programme he has supervised over 40 completed final year Research Projects.  David also runs two specialised urban housing design electives, one in the Bachelors Programme, and one in the Masters Programme, that address and critique the intersection of architecture and the socio-economic policies that impact on higher density housing typologies.

His doctoral studies focused on the theory and practice of sustainable urban housing in the context of the social habits and environmental conditions of Auckland, and spanned several disciplinary areas - architecture, economics, planning and philosophy. This research led to Best Practice research and reports on higher density housing design commissioned by Housing New Zealand, and to invitations to advise Auckland Council’s Property company (now Panuku Ltd), on strategies for intensification planning. David’s PhD thesis is available here:  Current research interests are also informed by his work as a member of Auckland Council’s Urban Design Panel since 2012, and focus on the various impacts of increased density resulting from social and city planning policy. From 2007 to 2017 David drew on his experience in professional practice and his research to run annual CPD courses for consultancies in the city.


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