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Joanne Low

Research Associate
Tuapapa Rangahau - Research and Postgraduate Office


Hernandez, G., Low, J.K., Nand, A., Bu, A., Wallis, S., Kestle, L., & Berry, T-A. (2022). Quantifying and Managing Plastic Waste Generated from Building Construction in Auckland, New Zealand. Waste Management and Research (Vol. 1).

Berry, T-A., Low, J.K., Wallis, S.L., Kestle, L., Day, A., & Hernandez, G. (2022). Determining the Feasibility of a Circular Economy for Plastic Waste from the Construction Sector in New Zealand. International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) (Ed.), SBEfin 2022 - Emerging Concepts for Sustainable Built Environments 23-25 November, 2022 Helsinki.

Low, J.K., Boyes, R., Benton, N., Hernandez, G., Thomson, P., Wallis, S., & Berry, T-A. (2022). Zero Waste Initiative for Plastics Generated from a New Build Residential Construction Site. MIT - Unitec Research Symposium 2022, Unitec, Mt Albert.

Low, J., Hernandez, G., Kestle, L., Wallis, S., & Berry, T-A. (2021). Understanding the Plastic Component of Construction and Demolition Waste to Increase Landfill Diversion. MIT - Unitec Research Symposium 2021 - Rangahau Horonuku Hou New Research Landscapes, Unitec.

Hernandez, G., Low, J.K., Wallis, S.L., Lador, C., & Berry, T-A. (2021). Inconsistencies and Inequalities: Why the World Needs a More Unified Approach to Air Pollution. Unitec-MIT Symposium, Unitec, Mt Albert Campus.

Kestle, L., Hernandez, G., Berry, T-A., Low, J., & Wallis, S. (2021). Plastic Minimisation in Construction: A Pilot Study identifying and quantifying the composition of C&D plastic in construction waste. Deakin University, Australasian Universities Building Education Association (AUBEA) Annual Conference.

Berry, T-A., Steinhorn, G., Massey, B., Hernandez, G., Low, J., & Wallis, S.L. (2021). The highs and lows of developing a transdisciplinary Research Centre and the importance of applied research. MIT/Unitec Research Symposium, Unitec, Auckland.

Low, J.K., Wallis, S.L., Hernandez, G., Cerqueira, I.S., Steinhorn, G., & Berry, T-A. (2020). Encouraging Circular Waste Economies for the New Zealand Construction Industry: Opportunities & Barriers. Frontiers in Sustainable Citie (Vol. 2(35)).

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