Prior to 2020, Asylum was published annually by the School of Architecture at Unitec to document and promote the work of students in the Bachelor of Architecture Studies and Master of Architecture (Professional) programmes. This year, however, the school has reframed Asylum to become a peer-reviewed, quality-assured journal. Our aim is to provide a platform for non-traditional research outputs that are generally underserved within the architecture field in New Zealand and Australia. We seek to create an outlet for staff and student research collaborations, contributing to the research culture of Unitec’s School of Architecture, as well as inviting submissions from other institutions.

A curated selection of non-peer-reviewed projects from the Bachelor of Architecture Studies and Master of Architecture (Professional) programmes continues to be presented in Asylum, and this year we are also presenting work by students from the Interior Design and Landscape Architecture programmes.

This section presents peer-reviewed articles by architects, landscape architects, architectural historians, artists and lecturers, on a diverse range of interconnected subjects.

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The Hand of the Engraver

Ryan Western and Professor Daniel K. Brown

My History is Not Mine: A Speculative Allegorical Approach to Experiential Architecture

May Myo Min and Professor Daniel K. Brown

Anti-social Distancing: Revisiting Auckland’s Unitary Plan

Dr David Turner

If You Copy, You Will be Caught and a Mess Will Remain: The Role of Formal Precedent in Design Studio

Cameron Moore

The Eternal Present of the Mythical Event: Re-establishing Place Identity with Speculative Installations that Reawaken Heritage Stories

Professor Daniel K. Brown

Architecture as a Tool for Inclusion and Community Building: Women in Fabrication at Zayed College for Girls

Priscila Besen, Dr Yusef Patel, Alice Couchman and Peter McPherson

EDFAB: Design and Building of a Plywood Research House

Neill McCulloch, Dr Yusef Patel and Sēmisi Potauaine

Onehunga Waterfront and Climate Adaptation: A Unitec Landscape/Architecture Studio

Xinxin Wang, Dr Lúcia Camargos Melchiors and Dr Matthew Bradbury

Diverse Morphology: A Study of Chancery Square

Alyssa Haley and Dr Cesar Wagner

An Untraditional Perspective of Tradition: The Lessons of Gummer and Ford in Architectural Education and Designing for New Zealand. A Unitec Research Project

Dr Milica Mađanović, Cameron Moore and Dr Renata Jadresin Milic


Dr Hamish Foote and Annabel Pretty

  • Editors: Dr Yusef Patel and Dr Renata Jadresin Milic
  • ISSN: 2463-4190
  • Date of publication: 18.03.2021