Skills in Screen Directing 2B (PASA6254)

15 (0.125 EFTS)
To enable students to extend specific skills, knowledge and practices for screen directing needed to achieve standards that enhance creative decisions.
Pre-requisites / Co-requisites: 
Students must be admitted to the Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts programme or the Graduate Diploma in Creative Practice programme to enrol in this course. Pre-requisite: PASA6253.
Topics include: 

Acting process Awareness and knowledge of the world of cinema and filmmakers.. Casting process Critique and maintain performance
Developing ideas Filmic language and the directing process Interaction with production teams Organisational responsibilities Production processes
Production processes Rehearsal techniques Short film Styles in editing Visual language in screen narrative
Learning and teaching approaches
Topics may be taught in an integrated manner in both practical/workshop/lab and lecture/seminar/tutorial modes Collaborative learning and project environments
Activities include self-directed learning, individual and class exercises, field trips, work in groups, guest lectures & on-line blog/journal
Choose your class for this course from the option(s) below. You will need to attend all the sessions in that class to complete the course. Where more than one class number is shown, choose one of them and attend all sessions within that class number. (Note: If a class is held in different locations at the same time, you only need to attend all the sessions in one of the locations.)
There are no classes on public holidays.

Class: 5096. This timetable is currently unavailable.

Note: This course is offered as part of Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Acting for Screen and Theatre), Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Contemporary Dance), Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Screen Arts), Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Production Design and Management), Graduate Diploma in Creative Practice.

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