Fred Tschopp Landscape Architecture Scholarship

Award value: One full year's fees Number available: 1
Provider: Fred Tschopp Endowment Fund (administered by Fred Tschopp Trust and Unitec)
Contact: Matthew Bradbury

The Fred Tschopp Senior Scholarship is made possible by a generous Endowment made by its Founder Fred Jr. and the New Zealand and California Tschopp Family.

The award commemorates the life and achievements of Fred Tschopp Senior, a Swiss-American certified landscape architect who pioneered modern, innovative landscape architecture in New Zealand during the years 1929-1932. Fred Tschopp Snr. is thought to be the first trained and registered landscape architect who practised in this country. He is recognised in refereed publications as New Zealand's first modern practitioner.

The Fred Tschopp Senior Scholarship is a Fees Award given to an entry level student who satisfies the following criteria through the presentation of a portfolio and a two page written statement of your research proposal and the way that the research work will ‘honour the legacy of Fred Tschopp Snr.’. This will be presented to the Tschopp Scholarship panel.  (Or submitted via email)  The scholarship is for one full years NZ fees. .
The successful student will be selected on the basis that their design portfolio and research statement demonstrates:

  1. The potential for their research to contribute new knowledge to the discipline of landscape architecture through design research
  2. The potential to make a challenging, exciting and significant difference to our world, cities and landscapes
  3. The potential to honour the legacy of Fred Tschopp Snr., as characterized by his creative and innovative expansion of the traditional boundaries of the Profession of Landscape Architecture as represented in his "Pioneering work in Rotorua".

More information on the landscape career of Fred Tschopp.

Application for the scholarship closes on October of the year prior to study so please get your application in to the Academic Administration Team as soon as possible.

For more information on the scholarship, please contact Matthew Bradbury

To apply for the scholarship, please email your portfolio to the Academic Administration team.