Simone Fernandes

  • Simone Fernandes

JOB: Marketing Coordinator, Unitec

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)

"The Bachelor of Communication covers an amazing variety of theory and practical knowledge and allowed for a wide range of topics to be discussed in the classroom.The lecturers were particularly clued up and you could see the degree of passion that drove them to help their students succeed. From reputation management to professional writing and organisational management to research and ethics, I learned so much that I can apply to my role now. I completed my internship with Unitec in the Corporate Communications team and then stayed on as a paid intern.

To be offered the job of Marketing Coordinator was a huge achievement for me. Now I work with departments all across Unitec on all sorts of projects, and I like the balance between creativity and structure in my role. I love the fact that I get to work with a really supportive and diverse team of individuals - working with people to produce a great outcome is so rewarding for me."