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Shannon Laing

  • Shannon Laing

JOB: Accountant, Plan-b Ltd

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) and New Zealand Diploma in Business - Accounting 

"I love numbers and money, and in my job I get to deal with both! I work in a small team of three, which suits me. I have full responsibility and accountability for producing the financials for the business, but I have a finance manager above me, so I'm still able to learn more and advance my skills. I like seeing how well a business is doing - the complete picture - and I'm able to do this in my job.

Go for it! I would recommend it to anyone. What I enjoyed most is the group work you do both in class and through assignments. Because New Zealand is so multicultural you get to mix with a wide range of people from different walks of life. It's great to see how business works in NZ and in different parts of the world.

Most of the lecturers were second to none, and were always willing to share their real-world stories with you. They're passionate about what they teach and it comes across in their lectures! They want you to succeed and are only too willing to help you get there."