Matthew Manukia

  • Matthew Manukia

JOB: Public Relations Intern, Film Auckland (part of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development)

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)

"Communication/PR is such a great area to get into – this field provides endless opportunities and I felt that this career would best utilise my natural people skills and ability to write well. I have a passion for helping others, and I get more satisfaction out of knowing that I have helped to improve someone’s life than I would from gaining a promotion. For instance, I’m currently working on comms for a large conference that Film Auckland is hosting in November. Some of the biggest names in film from all around Asia will be in attendance, including James Wang, President of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, which with its $1.6 billion Yuan in movie ticket revenues accounted for a 30% share of the Chinese market last year. With people of that calibre looking for business partnerships in New Zealand, I’m doing my best to create an awareness of the event in the hope that this will help out at least one local filmmaker’s career or even the development of the wider local film industry.

Being an effective communicator empowers you to do so much more than simply make a dollar at the end of the week: it puts you in a position to influence the way others think and in turn the way people see the world. This can be used for good or bad, so having a strong set of ethical/moral standards is key. This career has something for almost everyone, whether you’re into events, media, journalism, marketing or even politics. This really is a who-you-know industry, so if you’re considering enrolling in this programme you should enjoy talking to others and networking."