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Jin Shin

  • Jin Shin

JOB: Freelance Theatre Technician

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Production Design and Management )

“I’ve been interested in this industry since high school and I had heard lots of good things about Unitec. I enjoyed learning from experienced people around me and they were always ready to help me out. I appreciated the direct contact you can have with staff members and the really good opportunities on offer. For my secondment I went on tour with New Zealand Dance Company from May until June and I loved the experience of touring the North Island.

Working as a freelance technician is really fun. Sometimes you get to meet new people and sometimes you get to travel around and work in new spaces. It’s even better when you get new technology to play with! For me, working in a theatre or event centre is what I love most. I’m now looking for full-time contract work for a theatre company. I would love to be part of the production team.”