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Dance Graduate: Unlocking the world of opportunities

  • Eddie Elliott - Unitec Contemporary Dance Graduate
    Eddie Elliott - Unitec Dance Graduate. Photo by: Gerry Gooderham. Courtesy of Red Sky Performance

JOB: Professional Dancer/Choreographer

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Performing & Screen Arts (Contemporary Dance)

“I’m a dancer and choreographer. The highlight has been travelling the world and dancing with friends. Dance been a strong passion of mine since I was nine years old and I’ve never felt like I’ve worked a day since I graduated. I have been fortunate with many job offers since graduating".

“At Unitec I learned how to understand provocations and tasks, drawing from my own life experiences, then generating movement. I found this was quite important to me as an emerging contemporary dancer because knowing how to access or tap into my past, whether it be bad or good, has really helped me a lot with fuel for dance and choreography".

“My hip-hop and kapa haka background has helped me with developing my creativity and movement. It was a good challenge transitioning from hip-hop to contemporary because I was quite stiff and I had to learn how to soften my muscles in particular ways in order to understand how to control my limbs, spatial awareness, yielding and flexibility".

“This year I’m performing with the New Zealand Dance Company, choreographing a work for Atamira Dance Company and a new work for Unitec’s end of year dance showcase. Which I’m really excited about. I am currently based in Toronto with Canadian dance company Red Sky Performance. When I graduated from Unitec I never imagined I would be where I am now so who knows where I will be in five years’ time".