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Costume Design Graduate: A hands-on creator

  • Costume Design Graduate: Simone Michaux
    Costume Design Graduate: Simone Michaux

JOB: Costume & Props Designer

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Production Design and Management)

“I make costumes for a living. I count myself very lucky that something I'm good at and enjoy also makes me a reasonable income. I was inspired while watching Lord of the Rings in my final year at high school. I remember seeing Arwen's wedding crown and realising that was something you couldn't just pop down the shops for and someone must have made it". 

“The connections I made at Unitec are what set me up for my career, really. The people I was lucky enough to work with on industry placement really helped me buckle down, either through setting a positive example or having a quiet word about the expectations. My success comes down to luck, hard work and a willingness to listen and learn". 

“Some of the film and television productions I’ve worked on are; 10,000 BC, Thirty Days of Night, Power Rangers, Legend of the Seeker, Prometheus, Judge Dredd, season 2 of Game of Thrones, Thor 2, Fungus the Bogeyman and Wonder Woman.
“I will always be a hands-on creator. I receive designs and through conversations with the designer and the heads of my department, along with prototyping, make them a reality. I want to continue to hone my knowledge and start specialising in certain areas. Eventually I want to head up costume props departments on films.”

Study a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (Production Design and Management)