Perspectives in Biodiversity | 2023 | Volume 1 | pp 50–71

Research Paper

Establishing a comprehensive invertebrate and vegetation inventory of Auckland Zoo, Aotearoa / New Zealand

Erin Doyle1, *, Marie-Caroline Lefort1, 2

1 Applied Molecular Solutions Research Centre, Unitec | Te Pūkenga, Private Bag 92025, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142, New Zealand.
2 UMR 7324 CITERES, Université de Tours, 33 allée Ferdinand de Lesseps, Tours, France.
* corresponding author:

Received: 23 July 2023 | Accepted: 25 August 2023 | Published: 11 October 2023
Associate Editor: Peter de Lange

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Invertebrates are major contributors to biodiversity with important roles in ecosystem function but are often overlooked in conservation work in favour of larger, charismatic species. Invertebrates living outside of captive conditions may have the potential to affect zoo activities, and it has been suggested that zoos might contribute to invertebrate conservation programs by providing suitable habitat for these organisms. In this study, a survey of invertebrates living in non-fenced areas of Auckland Zoo was carried out to explore the relationship between the vegetation and invertebrate communities throughout the zoo grounds. A total of 6,133 invertebrate specimens were collected in pitfall traps over a ten-day period in January of 2018. Using morphospecies as surrogates for species, differences in invertebrate community structure in different non-fenced areas were assessed. No significant relationship between native vegetation and native invertebrates was detected.