Peter de Lange and Marleen Baling

Research Papers

Establishing a comprehensive invertebrate and vegetation inventory of Auckland Zoo, Aotearoa / New Zealand
Erin Doyle, Marie-Caroline Lefort

Megalaria crispisulcans, a new isidiate species of Megalaria (Ramalinaceae) from Aotearoa / New Zealand
Andrew J. Marshall, Dan J. Blanchon, Peter J. de Lange, Sarah J. Wells, Alan M. Fryday, Tianyi Tang, Allison Knight

Annotated Checklists

Observations of avifauna on Rēkohu / Wharekauri / Chatham Island, Chatham Islands group, in February 2023
Marleen Baling, Dayna J. M. MCKenzie, Rowan K. Scott, Leon H. van Vugt, Hamish Tuanui Chisholm, Peter de Lange

Short Communications

Azolla rubra R.Br. (Salviniaceae) on Rēkohu / Wharekauri/ Chatham Island
Peter J. de Lange, Tom Hitchon