More Than A War- Remembering 1914-1918 cover thumbnailMore Than a War: Remembering 1914-1918 presents a creative juxtaposition of digital platforms—a combination of audio, video, archival images, soundscapes, and social media, among others—to tell the stories from 1914–1918 a century later.

Led by Sara Donaghey, Sue Berman and Nina Seja, the transmedia project brings together staff and students from Unitec Institute of Technology’s Department of Communication Studies and Auckland Libraries to provide a unique oral contribution to recording the history of Aotearoa New Zealand in The First World War.

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Donaghey, S., Berman, S. and Seja, N. (2016). More Than a War: Remembering 1914-1918.

About this report:

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  • Author(s): S. Donaghey, S. Berman & N. Seja
  • Date of Publication: 31.05.16
  • ISBN: 978-1-927214-19-0